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general advice: flight from California to anywhere in Europe - summer

Hello everyone!

Sorry if this is a hard question to answer – but I’ve been looking around this board and can’t seem to find a consensus that will answer my question. I’m looking for a flight from anywhere in California to anywhere in Europe for these dates: outbound mid to late June and returning mid to late July. So far the best I can find is $717 on Delta. This seems like a pretty good price – should I go with this, or does this season promise even cheaper fares for this time period??

Thanks for any help!


Itinerary help needed! Summer 09' Eurotrip

Hey All,

My bf and I are planning our first eurotrip for summer 09’ and were looking for some advice on places to go and what order to see them in. We are interesting in seeing a variety of history, architecture, nightlife and general sights. We will be starting and ending in London as we are both based in the uk for our gap year.


Alright i really need your help, I and a buddy are over iraq, and are planning our leave for germany. We arent dumb rude americans, so help us out. All we are looking for is a great place to have fun and drink, we are 25 and just want to have a blast on leave. We have been reading through the forums, and searching the internet for about a month now. We were thinking of going to hamburg germany, it sounds like they have a street that is great for partying.

Oktoberfest, Munich

Stopping in Munich for good ol Oktoberfest in Sept. Any tips or advice for stopping there and having a good time.
Do you recommend making tent reservations or can you get seated by just showing up?
How much money do you think you spent each day?
What is it like getting around?(taxi’s, bus’s)
Any other thoughts, comments or help. Here is our trip( Madrid, Bacelona, Zurich, Munich, Vienna, Prague, Berlin)

Want to take a different route

I have family in Hungary that I visit at least once a year. I usually fly straight to Budapest from the U.S., but would like to try something different this year. I was thinking of flying into Germany (unsure which airport would suit my needs) and taking a train to Budapest.

Any suggestions on routes with lots of pretty scenery? Or, maybe not Germany as my landing point but another suggestion?

I don’t want to hassle with a lot of train ticket purchases, just maybe a Eurail pass to get me straight through.

Avoiding Hostel Hell.

Hi there!
Me and a friend have just returned from Amsterdam and stayed somewhere really terrible!
We had a drink in another hostel St Christopher at the Winston and had a look at the rooms which were amazing.

Packing light but enough & other questions...

Hi fellow travelers,
I am a student leaving from montreal and going on a trip around France, Switzerland, and Germany in late May of 2009. I am leaving with my boyfriend and we’re staying with friends and family, so no hostels or other accomodations are needed. We are staying for 5 weeks.
I have a few questions, as this is my first trip… – What kinds of things can I leave out of my packing and purchase or borrow when in europe and what can I absolutely not leave the country without? – What is a realistic budget for me, considering we won;t be paying for accomodations?

First Euro Trip


Okay. We made a bit of changes to our plans!

London (Where we will land) -3 Days
Frankfrut/Munich -family friend here too.. free stay -2 days
Zurich -2 days
Venice -3 days
Florence -4 Dyas
Rome -4 Days
Barcelona -4 Days
Paris -3 days


Another friend and I (both girls) are planning to travel around europe for 21-23 days (depends). Here is the list of places we want to go for sure!

1. London (Where we will land) -3
2. Belgium (Brussels) -family friend there.. can crash there for free -2
3. Frankfrut -family friend here too.. free stay -4
4. Milano -2

Travelogue Entry in Weimar, Germany
Oberhof Germany
Sporting Venue in Oberhof, Germany