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Germant to Italy Travel

So a friend and I are planning on flying into Munich on March 27th and flying out on April 5th. During that time we’d like to go to Florence and possibly Rome. I am having a hard time figuring out what is the most cost effective route to take transportation wise. Plane tickets from Germany to Italy aren’t too bad. It seems a waste to get a EuroPass, renting a car isn’t too bad either but from what I’ve read it’s a pain to deal with parking and map reading, road rules, etc. So…any help at all would be greatly appreciated!


europe trip info

Me and my friends arent sure where to land we want to see england, france, germany, amsterdamWink, Italy, and random shit. need info on wut is better a euro pass or just buy train tickets when we want to go. how do hostels charge u (for rooms or per person). we have been doing r best in looking fo info. we pretty much going and planing as we there. any help would be great.

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Lived in Germany 11 Years
Landmark in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Any Advice on hostals, transportation, places must see?

Hello everyone..

I will be traveling to erope this summer (09) and would appreciate any advice…my initial plan without much logic put into it is: LA —- london, france, belgium, netherlands, denmark, sweden, germany, austria, macedonia, greece, cyprus, egypt, italy, switzerland, spain, morocco, czech republic…any thoughts on hostals, how on earth the train system works, (not having luck getting the correct info) and places i must see, (and some not to)….
Thank you!!!

Munich! Fun.
Travelogue Entry in Munich, Germany
Travelogue Entry in Frankfurt, Germany

Berlin to Frankfurt- Erfurt

Hi all.
I have been planning my trip for the summer of 09 and have just found out I have three or four more days I can add to my trip. I will be in Berlin for five days, then was looking at Erfurt on the way to Frankfurt where my plane will be leaving to come back to the US.

Question about where Eurail passes are valid

I am interested in buying a France-Germany-Italy Eurail pass and going from Venice-Munich by train with it. I realize I would have to pass through Austria for this, however I once read somewhere that Salzburg, Austria is included in with Germany’s railpass, and this would be the city that the train would pass through, I imagine. Does this mean I can use the pass without having to buy an extra part to cover the Austria leg?
The Salzburg being incl.


I will be spending New Years eve in Dresden and am interested in :
a) a quiet hotel near the station – any recommendations? 3 or 4 star is ok
b) info re: the fireworks display – where exactly is it??
Has anyone spent New Year there? Any suggestions?

Touring Berlin with John Boyle

Introduction to the tour services provided by John Boyle.