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Help With My Itinerary Please!

Alright, so I’m planning my first Eurotrip for summer 2012. I’ll be leaving from Reno, NV, US with $4500 for anywhere from 19 to 30 days. Airfare to and from Europe is not included in the budget. So far I’m planning on going to:

Dublin: 3 days
Edinburgh: 3 days
Glasgow: 2 days
Inveraray: 2 days
Paris: 3 days
Prague: 3 days
Amsterdam: 3 days

I’m into History so I like cathedrals and historic sites, but I also love me a pint, so I would like a balance between sightseeing during the morning and afternoon, and hitting some pubs and nightlife during the night.

13th Note Cafe
Restaurant in Glasgow, United Kingdom

London to Glasgow

Hello, new backpacker here and I am looking for some advice on a few places I could add to my solo trip through the UK. Currently I plan to spend a few days in london, work my way up to edinburgh and ultimately glasgow for the west end festival. I have about 2 and half weeks for all of this and I was wondering if anyone could name some must-see places and such. I like to experience a bit of everything, and am interested in some clubs that anyone could recommend. any advice would be appreciated thanks.