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So most people can view my itinerary on my Eurotrip site showing my planned destinations. BUT these are only the “solid” destinations of our itinerary as of yet. We will be going from:

Paris, France ——> San Sebastian or Donostia, Spain
San Sebastian/Donostia ——> La Coruna, Spain
La Coruna, Spain ——> Madrid, Spain
Madrid ——> Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona ——> Nice, France
Nice ——> Genoa, Italy

That’s the plan from July 1st to around July 24th. The next two months of our trip, we will be working out of Genoa, but plan to take weekend trips around all of Europe.

Eurail Global vs. Select

Hello. I am 29 years old doing some traveling in Europe for fun and for work and am traveling to the following locations in the order listed:

Oct. 09 – Fly into Prague
Oct. 13 – Munich
Oct. 16 – Salzburg (overnight train to Venice)
Oct. 19 – Venice
Oct. 21 – Interlaken (overnight train to Hamburgh)
Oct. 23 – Hamburgh and then driving down to Hannover (for work)
Oct. 29 – Berlin
Nov. 01 – Fly home from Berlin

So, I have five countries and 6 train travel days. It appears as though I could get a Eurail select pass for about $140 USD less than the Eurail golbal pass.

A question about the most convinient way to travel these places?

Okay, so here I am planning a second trip next summer. Ideally, I’d be traveling 3 to 4 months this time.
In that time, I’d love to visit Switzerland, Autria, more of France, and Czech Republic, Greece.
What would be the most convient way to do that(and the cheapest) I’d love to visit the capitals and also beautiful little towns that I may not know about yet. Is the global pass a good option? And also, what option would I take, I’m a bit clueless when it comes to eurorail passes.