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Greece and Italy

Italy to Greece?

So I guess my main question is this: How do you travel from Italy to Greece (Santorini, Corfu, Crete, Athens) by train/ or ferry?

And which is the BEST option. Train or ferry?

Should I book advance?

Eurail says that you can get from italy to greece by train… but I have a hunch this would take days.

Please offer suggestions/ tips. This is my first eurotrip & I want to explore France, Italy, & Greece.

Athens to Palermo, Italy

We (four of us) are planning on traveling from Athens to Palermo, Italy at the end of October 2009 to explore Sicily for four or five days. I have several questions. 1. What would be the best (shortest time; best $ value) method of travel: a) train – ferry – train or b) car – ferry – train or c) ? We will be renting a car for the time we will spend in Greece.

2. Would purchasing a Eurail Pass be worth it?

3. Can you rent a car in Greece and take it to Italy?

4. Would a trip to Naples be doable? We have roughly eight days before we have to get back to Athens.