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greece mainland

hello folks, we plan ( two couples ) to travel in mainland Greece 10 days in june. Most of the posts write specially about the isles but we want visit specially inland and may be a jump to one or two isles. We consider to rent a car at Athenas’ airport, begin travelling and at the end arrive to Athenas and stay there about 2-3 days before departure. can you help us in programing the trip, the more interesting sites, north or south direction? may be a good choice to come first to Saloniki, to begin travel south visiting places and at least arriving to Athenas? thank you in advance – David

Spain to Mykonos.. Help anyone?


I desperately need to know the best and cost efficient way to get to mykonos from Spain.
I will be attending Benicassim Festival in July and i have friends that will be in Mykonos in August.

Anyone know the best way from Spain to mykonos that wont cost an arm and a leg, and bypassing some cool places in europe?

Thanks for the help guys.

Italy - Greece ferry

What is a good site to book a ferry ride from Italy to Greece? (costwise, safety, efficiency, etc.) Most likely i’ll depart from Brindisi and maybe arrive in Patrai in late May.

Thanks for your help Smile

Intineray Help PLEASE- First Eurotrip IN TWO MONTHS!

My friend and I are leaving in early May for a month long trip around europe. I have posted our plan below and any help would be greatly appreciated. We are also interested in seeing some of the smaller cities as oppose to the larger cities, however you only hear people reference the larger ones so any suggestions on the smaller places to go would be great. We plan on pretty much taking a plane from country to country and then trains from city to city, but any transportation advice would also be appreciated!

Newbie in need of help! :)

Hi! So my friend and I are going on a month long trip to Europe. We are two twenty year old girls, so we would like to be safe and we would like it to be as cheap as possible. We are leaving in May. We plan to spend a month in England (around London) then go to Italy, then go island hopping around some of the greek isles. We would spend a week in each of those locations, and then the last week maybe, amsterdam or dublin or stay at one of our other locations longer.

Working in Greece while Backpacking this summer

So I’m going to Greece this summer, and I know that when my Mom went she worked at a random bar job for a month in Athens. This is exactly what I’d like to do, and although I’m looking around on the internet, there’s not many postings this far in advance.
I’m wondering if anyone has ever done it, and if you have where you stayed, how you got the job, etc. Would it even be possible to get a job AFTER I arrive?

Best Travel Options for Study Abroad student in Athens

Hey all,
I am about to be studying in Athens, Greece for the next 4 months, and I am wondering what the best forms of travel are between Athens and European countries such as France, Italy, Amsterdam, Poland, Austria, and Germany. Because i would only get to travel on weekends and some weeks, is it best to by a eurorail pass or just go trip by trip? Is flying better in some cases?

Also, how does the ferry system work in terms of international travel?

Thanks so much!
-Katherine W.

Traveling Greece

I’m beginning to plan my eurotrip for the summer of 09 and am struggling with the end of our trip! So we are starting in Barcelona and making our way via railpasses to the Amalfi coast in Italy. From there we want to take a ferry to Greece, and have 7 nights in Greece. This is where it gets tricky! We want to go to Corfu and Mykonos and end in Athens. Does anyone know if it is possible to get from Corfu to Mykonos to Athens in a weeks time without being super rushed? And without flying (all boats/ferry trips) Any help here would be greatly appreciated!!!

Nightclubs & Beaches in Greece?

Hey, what city in Greece, from experience or word-of-mouth, has the best nightclubs and beaches?

Travelling Costs - Help

My sister and I (and perhaps 2 friends) are planning on going to Spain, Italy, and Greece. [If anyone has traveled there,] can you answer these questions? It will be greatly appreciated!

What exactly are the costs to travel from one country to the next?
What’s the best/cheapest method (train, bus, plane, etc) to travel to the next country/city (and the costs)?
What is a good and cheap way to travel between cities in each country (and the costs)?

Thank you!