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Help with finalizing a 25 day itinerary

Hey everyone,

I will heading out to Madrid on the 31st with a friend after flying out of JFK (New York). We’re both college students (19-20) on low budgets but looking to get the most out of this rare opportunity. For the most part, we have a general itinerary setup but would greatly appreciate help in tweaking it. The major concerns we have with it are: Are we being overly ambitious with locations and not going enough justice to them? If so, what can be cut/reduced/added?

What recommendations would you make for travel?

3 Weeks in 3 Weeks!! some help?!

So I have to opportunity to go solo to Europe for 3 weeks…. the only thing is that I have 3 weeks to plan. I’m going solo. I plan on backpacking ans using the rails.

Here’s a little about me.

Easy going
Tech oriented.
Open minded.

I am a pretty lax person. I have some places in mind, but don’t have a strict itinerary. I am open to go here or there. I want to explore and have fun. I’m interested in hitting some spots like Venice, Rome, Athens, Amsterdam, Germany, Spain, France….

15 Nights in Europe

I am in the process of planning a trip to Europe. I will arrive in Rome on May 27th at 10am and my return flight leaves on June 11th from Rome. I have a rough idea of where I want to go.
Night 1: Stay in Rome
Night 2-4: Cinque Terre
Night 5-6: Southern coast of France
Night 7-8: Possibly Lyon or somewhere nearby
Night 9: Switzerland
Night 10-11: Munich
Night 12-13: Austria
Night 14: Bologna, Venice or Tuscany
Night 15: Back to Rome

Is this too much? I will travel by train, will I have enough time to get from place to place? .

Any help or advice? :S

Hi there

Ill be staying in Hamburg for work about a month or so
but i will only get a full free weekend on the 17 of Sept (until the 19) so i was planing to make a small trip.
As i had already been in Germany before i was hoping to go to some of the near cities surrounding germany, like Prague or Rome (mostly cos of the romantic air on them) but im having a hard time finding a cheap way of travel.
I know its on weekend and been quite close to the departure date its possible that i have to travel not so cheaply but any ideas sugesstions or help would be great

Thx in advance

A week in Greece

I’m traveling to Greece for a week this June and while beyond excited I don’t really know exactly what to see. My mom & I are flying into Athens & then need to take a ferry back to Venice after 7 days. We want to spend a day or two in Athens visiting the must-sees but beyond that we’d like try to pick just one island to relax on…preferably one with picturesque white buildings with bright blue roofs perfect for enjoying saganaki. Any suggestions? PS I should also mention that I’m a Peace Corps volunteer so low-budget suggestions would be ideal. Thanks!

To bring my New DSLR camera or not to bring??

I had a question about bringing my new camera to europe.
I just got a new Sony Alpha 380 slr camera for christmas ive always wanted one and now i am trying to figure out if i should take it. and the best way to travel with it if i do decie to bring it! Im scared someone will steal it or break it or idk. anyone have any ideas or safe ways to pack my camera. and ways to carry it and my daypack without being too overpacked during the day trips?>Smile

I need help thanks
also what are some good picture taking spots you like?

Planning Group Eurotrip, Help Please!!!

Hi everybody.
My friends and I are planning a eurotrip and we need help finding private rooms at either hostels or apartments that can house from 4 to 6 people. We are going to Prague, Berlin, Paris, and Barcelona, and we plan to stay 6 or 7 nights in each place. If anyone knows of any comfortable places where we can stay in private with our own bathroom, could you please recomend? I appreciate it.
P.S.—We may want to bring women back with us at the end of a nice night, so preferably a place that looks half decent.


Need Help Planning My Senior Trip

All right…im planning my senior trip and i need some help. The cities i wanna go to are Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Madrid or Pamplona(need to know which one would be better), Barcelona, and Ibiza. i would like to know of some party hostels in those cities, great clubs and pubs and bars in those cities, and whatever other tips, tricks, and secrets you may have about those cities. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Smile

First Eurotrip Help...

My girlfriend and I are doing our first Eurotrip next summer and could use all the advice we can get. We would be traveling May 25 until June 21, so roughly 28 days. We want to fly into Dublin, make our way over to England, and head to Italy, stopping in various countries such as France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. With a 28 day trip, is it feasible to Fly into Dublin, travel to England, then to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and finally Italy, then fly back to the United States from Italy?

One thing I hear a lot is not to “cram”.