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Switzerland Itinerary Planning

My sister and I are going on a trip to Switzerland in about two weeks. We are flying into Zurich and have 11 free days before we fly back out. We will be staying in hostels, and will be couchsurfing. I have a few places in mind that I want to go: Interlaken, Berner Oberland, appenzell, Bern. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for some other areas to visit or fun things to do that wouldn’t be very expensive.

2week trip needs a little help

Ok so my friends and I are planning on spending two weeks in Europe and have a kick ass time. Unfortunately we’re facing a slight snag in determining where we want to go. We’d really like this done though so that we can book tickets and hostels which would ensure the badassness of the trip. Not only do we have to choose some cities (though we have narrowed it down to specific regions) we also have to cancel one of the destinations.

Poor Student Eurotrip 2012-need help!

This is my first post so sorry if I’m doing something wrong here

Anyways, I will be going to Bible school in the UK this winter, and transferring to a sister school in Austria in the spring. Between schools (March 15-April 22) I have free time to travel around. I’ve actually traveled quite a bit in Europe before, but only with guided groups, this is my first solo (+any friends from school) trip.

22days eurotrip needs help!

Hi everyone!!

Well, first time I’m here, and first time planning a trip like this, so I’m having some problems. My friends and I live in Portugal, but we are thinking about getting a plane and starting the trip somewhere else, because even with the interail pass we have to pay 40€ for a bed just to get to Hendaye!!! And we lose one day of traveling.