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Oktoberfest / Wiesn: Room from Sept.17-27 for up to 6 people available!

I can offer a/two room/s during the Munich Oktoberfest. Room is furnished and has a large bed. Either two people can stay there or I have two more sleeping couches in the living room, each can fit 2 people (so up to six (6!) people can stay here). Bathroom/s will be shared (one bathroom with toilet and one additional bathroom with toilet). With the suburban train you are at the Oktoberfest within 15 minutes. During weekends the S-bahn almost goes all night long (so you save on taxi money).

Hostel Mostel
Hostel in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Paying for Hostels??

Hey everyone, I have a quick question about how to pay for hostels: is the price per person or is it simply per night? Because I have a feeling that hostels charge their fees by the bed and my friends and I were trying to see if we could divide the costs. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Work in hostels

hi everyone, i got a question about working in hostels while travelling.

given that i have no experience at all, what is the best way to find jobs in hostels in exchange of a bed and maybe some food ? Should i try to email some places before, or show up for a few nights, get to know the people/hostel and then ask ?

Do you guys know if such hostel work is only possible to find in high season or that can work in low season also ? (say autumn in central/eastern europe)

ANy advices are more than welcome. Thanks again !

Rhine River

hey all, I’m trying to figure out where to stay along the rhine river, we had originally planned Bacharach but aren’t really attached. Any of the small towns along the river would be fine, but I’m having a hard time finding info on the hostels on this site or hostelworld. Are they secret hostels or are there hostels only in select places?

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

What's reasonable on a 4000 budget?

HELLO! A few of my friends and I planning to go on our very own Eurotrip! We’re juniors in college looking to let off some steam before our final year. I have $4000 to spend (not including airfare and a eurail pass, I’m paying for those separately and in advance) for 8 weeks of travel. Does this seem feasible to all the experienced travelers out there? We’re planning on taking trains at night (that gives us 10 free nights of lodging) and hopefully we’ll spend 4-5 nights crashing with friends we have over there.

To bring my New DSLR camera or not to bring??

I had a question about bringing my new camera to europe.
I just got a new Sony Alpha 380 slr camera for christmas ive always wanted one and now i am trying to figure out if i should take it. and the best way to travel with it if i do decie to bring it! Im scared someone will steal it or break it or idk. anyone have any ideas or safe ways to pack my camera. and ways to carry it and my daypack without being too overpacked during the day trips?>Smile

I need help thanks
also what are some good picture taking spots you like?

4 european citizens going on a EuroTrip

Hello, Three friends and I, all European citizens of different countries, are going on a Eurotrip this summer. We will leave from New York City around June 7th. Two people under 18 and two people over 18.
Our plan so far: Rome 3 days; Milan 3 days; Nice 7 days; Barcelona 4 days, Paris 4 days; Amsterdam 4 days; Berlin 5 days, Copenhagen 4 days, Stockholm 4 days; Oslo 4 days and end up in the North of Norway in Onoy (we have to be there by the 23rd of July).
Do you think we should get a round trip ticket from NYC to London, and then fly to rome?

Party Hostels in England, Ireland, Am'dam, Belgium??

I have just come back from backpacking through Australia for 6 months and i am hopefully leaving for Europe in late march, april-ish and i was hopeful that the European hostels would stand up to the same party atmosphere as i have come used to in oz like waking up at 11:00am and people already going jagerbombs in the common room and im on a super tight budget since i just came home i don’t really have enough saved up to be leaving again but i really need to get back to traveling!

So any suggestions ????


Non-standard Hostel Amenities

Any non-standard features you have seen in any hostels during your travel? Or features you would like to see?

Hi everyone. I am a seasoned backpacker myself and am planning to open a hostel in the future. I am looking forward to provide services and amenities that creates a social, interactive environment to guest. I hope every guests will check out the hostel with the best impression we can give by attention to every detail.

I am wondering what non-standard features I would include in the future.