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Non-standard Hostel Amenities

Any non-standard features you have seen in any hostels during your travel? Or features you would like to see?

Hi everyone. I am a seasoned backpacker myself and am planning to open a hostel in the future. I am looking forward to provide services and amenities that creates a social, interactive environment to guest. I hope every guests will check out the hostel with the best impression we can give by attention to every detail.

I am wondering what non-standard features I would include in the future.

Lisbon to Prague Help!!!

Hello all!

I am currently planning a trip next year with 3 other friends and needed some advice to aid the planning
The trip is already published on my profile and would like to know:
1. Good day trips from city?
2. Good places to stay, and cheap?
3. Cheap places to have a bite to eat?
4. Any tips for travelling in these cities and in between?
5. And any Itinarary changes you would make to the plan?

Thanks alot for your help its greatly appreciated !!!!!

Bookings & Charges

I’ve recently booked 4 hostels- one in Amsterdam, Paris, London, & Dublin. My question is about the charges that have been made. When I booked them, I agreed to pay a certain price, well at the time, it was “Total Paid”. After looking at my bank account, the charges are slightly different. Note: service charges were made individually, so that’s not the reason for the discrepancy. Here’s an example: On a confirmation email, the total paid was reported as 14.18 US Dollars, but my bank account was charged $14.79.

Hostel in Koblenz, Germany???

I am trying to find a hostel in Koblenz, Germany but I can’t seem to find one. Does anyone have any suggestions? If not a hostel a cheap hotel or bed and breakfast…


reccommended hostels in Marseille??

Can anyone recommend a hostel in Marseille? I haven’t found very many options any ideas would be great

Euro Trip. Lots of places

Hey, I am currently a student in Umea, Sweden. I am planning trip for Europe early next year or in December. Its really flexible. Its just that i need to use a 30 day Eurail pass or Eurolines pass, because thats the cheapest afaik. Forgive me for saying that on a tourist savvy forum but i am really not interested in food, culture, natural scenaries for that matter. I am more of an academic who wants to study history, architecture, remnants, and values in general. Having said that, i also need to hop quickly from places to places because 1. I have only 30 days on my eurail pass 2.

Hostel in Íos, Greece
Athens Backpackers
Hostel in Athens, Greece

sleeping couchette or hostel??

i’ve been reading that you can try to save money by skipping a night in a hostel, and traveling throughout the night instead. true or false?
and if true, how much does it cost to reserve a couchette on a train? how far in advance can you reserve and can you do it through germany’s deutsche bahn website, or is it best to book it once in europe at the train station itself?

places to stay in Verona & Siena

I’m heading to Italy next week and still haven’t found a decent cheap place to stay in Verona and Siena. Seems like both places only have Private rooms with double beds which means I have to pay for 2. I’m travelling by myself by the way

Anyways.. I was hoping if someone can recommend me a decent cheap place with either single private or dorm beds to sleep for the night in both Siena and Verona.

Please help!!