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ideas for weekend travel

Next fall I will be studying abroad for a semester at the Sorbonne and I’m looking for weekend travel ideas on a student’s budget. I have already been to Amsterdam, Nice, Florence and Venice, so, considering my tight budget, I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.

Do cheap accomodations in Ypres, Belgium exist?

Alright, I’ve been looking online for awhile trying to find some relatively cheap places to stay in Ypres, Belgium with zero results.
Has anyone stayed somewhere less advertised online that’s hostel-ish in price? I don’t really want to be spending $60 a night to stay in a hotel room that I’m hardly going to be in and I’d rather not commute from another town.
Any suggestions =)?

Paris to Rome in 15 days

I am traveling from Paris to Rome with tenative stops in Beune, Lyon, Arles, Marsailles, Genoa, Venice, Florence, and Rome. Does this sound like too much for 15 days? Does renting a car give you more freedom? I am a High School art teacher leaving the day after graduation. Want to see alot of art but also let loose alittle. Help.


Hi All Need some advise on cool places to stay at Barcelona , Loire Valley ( France ) and Amsterdam . Would like to be budget concious however at the same time , would like if the place is centrally located , well connected.

We are looking at a double room – have a budget of approx 60 euro per night for the both of us !

Any recommendations / suggestions are welcome !


Budget Travel Tips and Links

I have just published a site with tips from my experience travelling on a budget in Europe and working in the UK travel industry, enjoy and feel free to share your resources too Smile


Hey guys,

Just booked a cheap flight to Porto from the 12th June. The aim is to get around to Pamplona by the 5th.

All I am after is a bit of information for the Portugal leg of my trip at the moment. So far my plan is:
Porto, Lisbon and Lagos/Sagres/Faro. Staying in each place for 3 or 4 days. And I will probably be traveling by train or bus. I hear buses are quicker in Portugal than the trains.

Is there any things I should definitely see there? In those cities. I really want to see the Stunning cliffs down in lagos. But is there anything else worthy of seeing.

Some deals and tips for budget travel

Hi all,
This is my blog where I am starting my travel journal. At first I am focusing on providing tips on how my boyfriend and I travelled Europe on a budget. These tips come from our experiences as well as my job in the UK travel industry. Hope you find it useful Smile

Hotel Alexander
Hostel in Assisi, Italy

Age of Travelers

Four friends and I planning a eurotrip for this summer. We are all eighteen years old except one who’s birthday is during the trip. Will our age difference put us out of place or limit our experience? Are there many travelers our age?