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Short trips from Hannover

Howdy, I am currently doing an internship in Germany, just south of Hannover. I will be finished June 30th, and my flight back to the US is not until August 8th. So, I have about a month of free time to travel around, hang out, etc. I have already seen most of Germany, and want to expand my travels.

Here’s the problem, after being here since January, my money is tight. In fact, after paying for a place to live, food, and other basics, I will only have about 500-700 euros for that month. I do want to travel to Paris, and maybe even Amsterdam, if I can afford it.

Paris Hostels

Hey I am planning on reserving a hostel in paris soon and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Looking for a place close to city center within walking distance of most attractions but not incredibly far from Paris Nord main train station. Let me know if anyone has any feedback.

Intineray Help PLEASE- First Eurotrip IN TWO MONTHS!

My friend and I are leaving in early May for a month long trip around europe. I have posted our plan below and any help would be greatly appreciated. We are also interested in seeing some of the smaller cities as oppose to the larger cities, however you only hear people reference the larger ones so any suggestions on the smaller places to go would be great. We plan on pretty much taking a plane from country to country and then trains from city to city, but any transportation advice would also be appreciated!

Newbie in need of help! :)

Hi! So my friend and I are going on a month long trip to Europe. We are two twenty year old girls, so we would like to be safe and we would like it to be as cheap as possible. We are leaving in May. We plan to spend a month in England (around London) then go to Italy, then go island hopping around some of the greek isles. We would spend a week in each of those locations, and then the last week maybe, amsterdam or dublin or stay at one of our other locations longer.


Alright i really need your help, I and a buddy are over iraq, and are planning our leave for germany. We arent dumb rude americans, so help us out. All we are looking for is a great place to have fun and drink, we are 25 and just want to have a blast on leave. We have been reading through the forums, and searching the internet for about a month now. We were thinking of going to hamburg germany, it sounds like they have a street that is great for partying.

Avoiding Hostel Hell.

Hi there!
Me and a friend have just returned from Amsterdam and stayed somewhere really terrible!
We had a drink in another hostel St Christopher at the Winston and had a look at the rooms which were amazing.

Eurotrip Launches Hostels!!!

Eurotrip has launched a new hostel application. This new app is totally integrated into Eurotrip to make for easier navigation and reference. Now you can find a hostel that you like and share the link with your travel companions and get advice in the forums on specific hostels.

Check out the hostels

This is the first step in trying to better integrate hostels into Eurotrip. I am working on adding hostels inline to the cities in the Trip Planning application, so hopefully I will be able to offer you that tool soon.


First Euro Trip


Okay. We made a bit of changes to our plans!

London (Where we will land) -3 Days
Frankfrut/Munich -family friend here too.. free stay -2 days
Zurich -2 days
Venice -3 days
Florence -4 Dyas
Rome -4 Days
Barcelona -4 Days
Paris -3 days


Another friend and I (both girls) are planning to travel around europe for 21-23 days (depends). Here is the list of places we want to go for sure!

1. London (Where we will land) -3
2. Belgium (Brussels) -family friend there.. can crash there for free -2
3. Frankfrut -family friend here too.. free stay -4
4. Milano -2


im looking for a fun party hostel to stay at in amsterdam and i found the bulldog hostel and was wondering if its a good hostel. any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Need Help Planning My Senior Trip

All right…im planning my senior trip and i need some help. The cities i wanna go to are Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Madrid or Pamplona(need to know which one would be better), Barcelona, and Ibiza. i would like to know of some party hostels in those cities, great clubs and pubs and bars in those cities, and whatever other tips, tricks, and secrets you may have about those cities. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Smile