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im looking for a fun party hostel to stay at in amsterdam and i found the bulldog hostel and was wondering if its a good hostel. any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Need Help Planning My Senior Trip

All right…im planning my senior trip and i need some help. The cities i wanna go to are Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Madrid or Pamplona(need to know which one would be better), Barcelona, and Ibiza. i would like to know of some party hostels in those cities, great clubs and pubs and bars in those cities, and whatever other tips, tricks, and secrets you may have about those cities. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Smile

The best hostels in Europe...

Im back from my trip around Europe, 2008. I really enjoyed my holiday and here are places I recommend to stay…

BERLIN, Oct 10th, 3nts…The Circus Hostel – nice place to stay, very social and busy.

Best Travel Options for Study Abroad student in Athens

Hey all,
I am about to be studying in Athens, Greece for the next 4 months, and I am wondering what the best forms of travel are between Athens and European countries such as France, Italy, Amsterdam, Poland, Austria, and Germany. Because i would only get to travel on weekends and some weeks, is it best to by a eurorail pass or just go trip by trip? Is flying better in some cases?

Also, how does the ferry system work in terms of international travel?

Thanks so much!
-Katherine W.

Any Advice on hostals, transportation, places must see?

Hello everyone..

I will be traveling to erope this summer (09) and would appreciate any advice…my initial plan without much logic put into it is: LA —- london, france, belgium, netherlands, denmark, sweden, germany, austria, macedonia, greece, cyprus, egypt, italy, switzerland, spain, morocco, czech republic…any thoughts on hostals, how on earth the train system works, (not having luck getting the correct info) and places i must see, (and some not to)….
Thank you!!!

Hostels in Buenos Aires

I would love to post this in the ‘Hostels’ forum, but this is not about a European hostel. So, here it is in the ‘Rest of the World.’

I am thinking of hopping a flight Friday to Buenos Aires. Depends on work. If I do, I will need a place to stay for a few nights. Anyone have a hostel recommendation or two for me?

Thank you.

Happy Trails.

3 Ducks Paris
Hostel in Paris, France
Hostel Ally
District in Munich, Germany

Anyone know if this offer is legit?

Hi! I saw this article in the L.A. Times travel blog:


It says that we (US citizens) can book hostels in Europe and pay the euro price in US dollars at a rate of 1 for 1. A very appealing offer. However I made a booking and they still charged my credit card the full amount! I emailed them and they haven’t got back to me! I read on this site that they are supposed to be the ones with friendly and helpful customer service! I’d hate to see what the bad customer service is like!