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How to have sex in a hostel

Good article about having sex in a hostel:

How to have sex in a hostel

Enjoy this naughty and funny article!

No locker at my Rome what?

Justin and I are beginning our budget travel adventure in Rome arriving on Wednesday, October 1st. Back in late March we sent a few emails to The Colors Hotel in Rome and made reservations for 3 nights. We booked two beds in a room with 6 beds total. Yes, this means that up to 4 absolute strangers will be sleeping nearby. Not a big deal…this is part of budget travel.

Work and travel

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of travelling for a few months to Europe in December or January, hope to be able to get some jobs that allow me to get to know, superficially, 4 or 5 countries. (the principal cities of, for example, Spain, France, Italy…)
I’m new in this and have no experience in working abroad, staying in hostels and that kind of stuff, so, I ask you for any help or advice that you could give me.
I’m 22, I’m a student and I’m an Argentinian, but I have also the Spanish nationality. I speak english, french, japanesse (not very usefull, i think), and, obviously, spanish.

Silver Gate Hostel
Hostel in Split, Croatia

Euro During Winter

My next long break will be during winter. Was thinking of a group Euro trip with my friends after the new year. wondering if this is actually a good idea since it’ll be cold and there’s the possibility of delays due to bad weather?

Agios Gordis, Corfu
Hostel in Corfu, Greece

Dublin / Ireland accommodation (free finder)

For anyone travelling to Dublin it is so important to reserve your accommodation in advance.

Eurotrip can help you find what you’re looking for but there is also a free accommodation finding service specializing in the Dublin area called Almara Accommodations Dublin. They find and reserve Hostels and Hotels at no charge. Any size group from 1 to 100. If people prefer they can ask for an availability search and A.A.D. will give them the contact details to reserve for themselves.