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This will be my first time traveling to Europe. I wish to cover a lot of ground in 1-2 months but i’ll use 45 days as my working timeline. I’ve heard that you should concentrate on doing a few countries and cities but I’ve always pushed myself to the max in everything I do and this trip will be no exception.

Places and accommodation


Can some one recommend some places to spend the above days in the respective country?

Hostels and friends homes :)
Travelogue Entry in Paris, France
Cut down on expense but not enjoyment with Dublin Hostels
Travelogue Entry in Dublin, Ireland

Berlin: Circus VS Wombats VS Grand VS St CHristophers

Am going to be in berlin for 3 nights 4 18 year olds. Can’t decide between these four hostels Circus hostel, Wombats, Grand Hostel, and St. Christophers. All have very good reviews and I cant seem to decide between them. We would prefer one in an good area and that is more of a party hostel. Has anyone stayed at any of these hostels and would recommend them?

Flying Pig Downtown?

I am going to spend four nights this june in Amsterdam with 3 of my other friends we are all 18. I was just wondering if any one has stayed at the pig and what their thoughts were. It seems to be the most famous/popular hostel in amsterdam and I was just wondering whether or not it was worth all the hype.


Need feedback on some hostels

Hi everyone,

My 21day trip to western europe is almost finalized. I’ll be traveling from France to Germany through Italy and Switzerland. I’ve picked out the following hostels along the way and would like some feedback from you. Especially, if someone has stayed in one of these places, I’d really welcome their experience. I’m just looking for places to stay the nights. Nothing too fancy. Cheaper the better but I’d like private ensuites since I’m traveling with my wife. So, hope you can help me select between these choices.

Hostel getting in ability?

Not long left untill i’m off to Europe, and i have only pre-booked 1 hostel in Amsterdam, which is the first place we will be visiting. I havn’t bothered booking any hostels in the other city’s were going, as well we know where were going, but just not when we might be getting there. Didn’t want to run our trip on a tight schedule.

getting to the point. I’m wondering how easy or hard is it to just walk into a hostel and get a bed for the night, without booking?
I’m imagining quite hard, as july and august are the busiest months, with lots of fellow travellers.

Train Travel Times, Knowing which nights you dont need to Book a Hostel

While planning my trip, some of my destinations may take a day to achieve, so I wont necessarily need to book every single night at a hostel, how do I figure this part of the trip out? Any help/advice is appreciated thanks.

is it best to book in advance or on arrival?

hello its my first time traveling across europe and i wondered if it is best to book acomodation in advance or on arrival as i dont know how strictly i want to stick to my schedule, is this a good idea or once a plan has been mapped out should i stick to it daily?

thank you for your time and thoughts Smile