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Travel Buddies

Hey Everyone,

I am a little travel bug and want to travel Europe. I am not very excited about the idea of traveling along, but I also cannot seem to find anyone that wants to take Europe by storm with me. I am looking for someone who is willing to be adventurous with me and would want to travel Europe for about two month June/July of 2010. Or does anyone have any ideas of how I could still travel, have fun, and be safe alone?

Thanks a million,


Are you suppose to tip your staff at these hostels??

First Time to Amsterdam - Which area to stay in

It’s my first time traveling in Europe. I’ll be in Amsterdam for 4 days and would like advice on which part of town to stay in. I’ve heard the leideseplein area is nice, but part of me also just wants to stay right down town to get the full effect. I’m open for other suggestions as well. Suggestions on particular hostels will be appreciated also.

Air Conditioning?

I’ve noticed a lot of hostels don’t seem to have air conditioning. I’m going to be traveling from Jun 23rd to Aug 12th. Is it cool enough during this time period in Europe to not need a/c and still be comfortable sleeping? I’m from Texas, and places without a/c don’t really exist here, so just wondering.

I’ll be in (if this matters):
Amsterdam – late June
Late June – Late July will be studying abroad – accommodations already made through school.
Munich – late July
Greece – early Aug.
Turkey early Aug.
England- mid Aug.
Ireland- Mid Aug.


EU Project


Great setup here at eurotrip. I’ll be doing a documentation on Europe in the next couple of months – hence your answers will help me with the necessary legwork prior leaving.

What’s the better Hostel / B & B / Short & Long term apartment you would advise for Europe ? We’ll be a team of four, and the thing we’re looking at would most likely be ‘security’, ‘cleanliness’ and ‘available Broadband / *DSL ISP’ service. We’ll be doing a year tour for a project.

Your feedback appreciated,
Thank you.

Eurotrip Launches Hostels!!!

Eurotrip has launched a new hostel application. This new app is totally integrated into Eurotrip to make for easier navigation and reference. Now you can find a hostel that you like and share the link with your travel companions and get advice in the forums on specific hostels.

Check out the hostels

This is the first step in trying to better integrate hostels into Eurotrip. I am working on adding hostels inline to the cities in the Trip Planning application, so hopefully I will be able to offer you that tool soon.


To book or not to book, that is the question.

Dear travelers,

Here’s the deal : My friend and I are leaving on May 11 for a 5 week backpacking trip in europe. The goal of our trip ? Explore, meet people, and adventure. We will probably be booking our hostel for our city of arrival (Paris) and the second city we want to visit (Amsterdam) but for the rest of the trip, pretty much the whole trip , we don’t want to book ahead because we don’t want to have a fixed schedule. If we love a certain city, we want to have the option to stay longer if we want.

europe trip info

Me and my friends arent sure where to land we want to see england, france, germany, amsterdamWink, Italy, and random shit. need info on wut is better a euro pass or just buy train tickets when we want to go. how do hostels charge u (for rooms or per person). we have been doing r best in looking fo info. we pretty much going and planing as we there. any help would be great.

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