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Early flight out of BCN - what to do?

I hope this falls under the right topic, but I have a question regarding an early flight (7 AM) out of Barcelona and where I (and my boyfriend) should stay the night before.

Is it worth it to stay at a hotel that is very close to the airport (but pricey) or should I stay at a hostel instead, and take a taxi? My only concern about the hostel is that I’m not sure if I will be able to check out early enough (to get to the airport 2 hrs before my flight). Any advice? Anyone else been in this situation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Where to Stay in Loch Ness / Inverness for a day ?

Hello everyone – so our trip is nearing full materialisation Smile ( fingers crossed ) and needed your expert advise on where to stay in the Inverness / Loch Ness area – being completely new to this area , we wanted to stay at a safe place , affordable , clean accommodation preferably somewhere near the loch or a scenic place , but at the same time not too far off from the good things ( read : nightlife ) . As there are just the 2 of us , our budget is between 30-50 pounds a night , preferably with breakfast ! We are planning to hire a car and drive around so commuting is not such an issue .

is it best to book in advance or on arrival?

hello its my first time traveling across europe and i wondered if it is best to book acomodation in advance or on arrival as i dont know how strictly i want to stick to my schedule, is this a good idea or once a plan has been mapped out should i stick to it daily?

thank you for your time and thoughts Smile - a complete directory of hotels in Brussels offers a free guide to hotels in Brussels : descriptions, reviews, special internet rates and Brussels hotels online reservations.

Montalcino, Italy

Any hotel suggestions in the Montalcino, Italy area?

Hotel room or Apartment?

What do you prefer during your holiday…. a Hotel room or an Apartment? And especially…. WHY?