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1st trip to europe

17 days to see 4 countries, 4 adults, need help in places to stay, cities to see, places to see, restuarants. budget $8,000.00 us for the 4 of usHow do we get around?

When to start booking air and hotels?

My friend Jen and I are going to be heading to Europe from the end of May into the late June in 2010. Obviously airlines and hotels are not this far out as of yet so we are unable to start booking or researching prices for flights. When is a good time frame to start booking? I’ve heard 6months from your trip. Also, what is the furthest out that airlines start to have booking available? Is it 12 months? Hope this made sense, my brain isn’t working this afternoon and I couldn’t word this the most coherently…lol

Thanks! Wink

Hotel Brouwer
Hostel in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hotel du Champs du Mars
Hostel in Paris, France

Budget Travel Tips and Links

I have just published a site with tips from my experience travelling on a budget in Europe and working in the UK travel industry, enjoy and feel free to share your resources too Smile

Some deals and tips for budget travel

Hi all,
This is my blog where I am starting my travel journal. At first I am focusing on providing tips on how my boyfriend and I travelled Europe on a budget. These tips come from our experiences as well as my job in the UK travel industry. Hope you find it useful Smile

Dublin / Ireland accommodation (free finder)

For anyone travelling to Dublin it is so important to reserve your accommodation in advance.

Eurotrip can help you find what you’re looking for but there is also a free accommodation finding service specializing in the Dublin area called Almara Accommodations Dublin. They find and reserve Hostels and Hotels at no charge. Any size group from 1 to 100. If people prefer they can ask for an availability search and A.A.D. will give them the contact details to reserve for themselves.