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Help with Eurorail!

Hello all,

So i have a big trip that i just started planning and saving for. I am going next mid april til mid june. Going to ireland, england, paris, italy, switzerland, denmark, belgium, austria, greece, sweden…2 months… most places i am staying 3-4 days but Italy and Switzerland there are about 4 cities in each country I would like to visit so I am staying in Italy for 9 days and switzerland for 14. Flying in to London, England then want to head to Dublin then Dublin to paris and all around Europe from there. Is the Eurorail 2 month pass the right choice for me?

Iveagh Gardens
Park in Dublin, Ireland

How to get from Belfast to Dublin?

What’s the best way to travel from Belfast to Dublin?

I’m finding it hard to locate travel arrangements to get from Belfast to Dublin. Is there a train line? And I heard there is some issue with the Northern Ireland border?

Any help? Thanks!

Ireland (this summer)- HELP!

i am going to ireland this summer (june 23rd – july 5th). HELP! this will be my first time traveling alone to a foreign country. i’m on a tight budget but want to go around the country.
my thoughts/plan- – i fly in/out of dublin, but am not very interested in that city specifically. i mostly am excited about southern/western ireland like cork, aran islands, etc and belfast. try as i might, i can’t seem to narrow down my trip. advice on great/cool places to go (for culture and new things to see/do)? – since i’m on a budget, how do i get around for cheap in ireland? the bus?

general advice: flight from California to anywhere in Europe - summer

Hello everyone!

Sorry if this is a hard question to answer – but I’ve been looking around this board and can’t seem to find a consensus that will answer my question. I’m looking for a flight from anywhere in California to anywhere in Europe for these dates: outbound mid to late June and returning mid to late July. So far the best I can find is $717 on Delta. This seems like a pretty good price – should I go with this, or does this season promise even cheaper fares for this time period??

Thanks for any help!


going to Ireland

I’m going on a Eurotrip this coming June, and I really want to spend a week in Ireland. I go there for scenic sights mainly. So I really want green lawns, coasts, and just pure beauty. what cities do you suggest?

summer fares to Ireland

We missed the Aer Lingus sale for summer travel to Ireland that ended on Jan 21. Anyone have a sense of whether fares from the US East coast may go down again sometime this spring? Or should we just go ahead and purchase now? Best rountrip fare from PHL to SNN that I have found since the sale ended is $947 incl taxes and fees. Thanks for any suggestions!

Work and travel - France or UK???


Im planning to work and travel from late december 2008 to june 2009 (maximum).

I cant decide between France and UK+Ireland

From your experience, which Trip would you recommend (considering the time of year, amount of money I have to spend etc.), where would it be more likely to get a job (very simple work and travel jobs), which country(ies) is more appropriate for work and travel/backpacking in general?

I understand english quite well, but I would want to improve my speaking.

My french isnt so good in general – how possible is it for me to get a job then?

I could reall