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A week in Greece

I’m traveling to Greece for a week this June and while beyond excited I don’t really know exactly what to see. My mom & I are flying into Athens & then need to take a ferry back to Venice after 7 days. We want to spend a day or two in Athens visiting the must-sees but beyond that we’d like try to pick just one island to relax on…preferably one with picturesque white buildings with bright blue roofs perfect for enjoying saganaki. Any suggestions? PS I should also mention that I’m a Peace Corps volunteer so low-budget suggestions would be ideal. Thanks!

Best Greek islands??


I’m flying into Athens and I hope to spend about a week in Greece. What are the best Greek islands? Which are the safest, most fun, etc.?


Best Greek Islands

Hey, I’m going to the Greek-Islands with a bunch of my girl-friends and we want to hit as many islands as possible. Mykonos and Santorini are definitely in.. but I was wondering if anyone could suggest any others? I am looking for something very scenic and full of beautiful landscapes (as opposed to just a partying island). Any responses would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you can suggest decent accommodations for the islands (we are 22 year old girls on a budget)

spanish (balearic) islands

hmmm ok…

so me and my best friend are planning a euro-backpacking-trip for the summer of 09’ and ive just been checking things out, doing ALOT of research and loosely trying to decide where to start, where to end, what routes to travel etc., its still awhiles away so for the moment i just have one specific question/concern.