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Flights to Israel with stop over in Europe

We are a family of 5, traveling from Portland Oregon to Israel around June 20 until July 17 2010 or so. Looking to stop over for 3 days in London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Madrid. I have tried flights to just London with cheap flights to Tel Aviv, but prices to London are horrible. Any advise? should I just take my luck with Priceline to London and back and then purchase on easyjet to Israel? anyone knows other airlines from the other European cities to Israel that I can try?
Thanks much for any advise given, Rina.

Other Entertainment in Mikhmoret, Israel

Any Recommended Middle Eastern Vacation Spots?

I’m going to Israel next week and i’m looking for cool spots by the beach that also have some night life, any recommendations?

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egypt, sinai, & israel winter 08/09

i am probably going to go on the birthright trip to israel this december. i would like to extend my stay and spend some more time in israel, see a few pyramids in egypt, and do a quick nile cruise, and go to mt. sinai.

the “cheap” tours i found that cover all of the above except israel, are a bit more expensive than i would like, and the dates might not work. i like the idea of traveling with a tour because im going to be alone, and just want to get in the touristy things (going to extend my stay in israel and just wander solo).