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Venice to Florence via pisa

Im planning a trip for next summer and want to travel from venice to florence but stop in pisa. from what ive heard pisa doesnt need a full day, what would anyone suggest as ample time to spend in pisa.
I also cant find any trains that go venice to pisa with out stopping in florence first. is this the only way to do it or is there a better more time conserving way to do it? thanks for your help!

Suggestions for first trip

Hi All

My wife and I are planning our maiden trip to Europe. So far, we think we have the broad itinerary covered. It would be great if you guys can pitch in give some suggestions for

a) places nearby that are maybe better/cheaper/ more worthwile to visit

b) some “off the normal tourist path” things / places

c) we are doing mostly rail travel. Any other suggestions would be most welcome here

d) and finally, some “must-do” things

Well, this is what we have for now:

Reach Frankfurt, take immediate train to Cologne
Stay in Cologne for 4 days.

B&B Le Contesse
Hostel in Florence, Italy

Things to do in northern/central Italy

Hey guys,
I’m planning a backpacking trip to Europe with a friend in September.
We already have tickets and all, but somehow during planning we found out that we have nearly 4 extra days in northern Italy before the flight back home.
We will be arriving in Milan on September 19th, and our flight back is from Rome on the evening of the 23rd.
We’re not sure what to do with our time there – we don’t want to stay in Milan since we already have a couple of days there on an earlier stage of the trip.
Does anyone have an idea what we can do in those days?

Thanks Smile


18 year old graduate taking a Eurotrip for the first time...please HELP :D

Ive decided to start a year in advanced on planning my month long graduation eurotrip! Problem is, this is my first time traveling outside of the United States (blahh) and I will be traveling alone . Its going to happen during the summer of 2010 (July/Early August) Here is an idea of the cities I will probably be hitting: Santorini, Greece
Mykonos, Greece
Ios, Greece
Athens, Greece
Venice, Italy
Milan, Italy
Rome, Italy
Florence, Italy
This trip will be 29 days, I’m hoping I can spend a decent amount of time in each city.

2 Days in Bled and Ljubljana OR Venice


Am deciding between the above-named places, would like to get some of your
suggestions. Thanks in advance.

What is the best way to get around?

My itinerary is mostly Western Europe.
I have a lot of questions so please bear with me.

Shall I buy a Eurail pass for the whole 2 months?
I was thinking of booking a flight from Barcelona to Nice.
Should I also book a flight from Paris to Barcelona?
When do you think would be most appropriate to ride overnight trains?

Thx in advance guys!

Stay small or go big? Which is the better way to travel?

Hey all!

I’m leaving in about 2 weeks and have not done much to plan. I’ll be meeting up with a few cousins (who are equally unplanned) and then settling in Goult, France for a 2 week family reunion. We will spend most of that time in Provence. I’m trying to figure out where to go and what to do the two weeks before the reunion. My cousin is going to Switz, Italy, Spain, anf France, but I’m looking for a bit less movement. What’s feasible in two weeks? Also, I’m considering flying from Barcelona to Florence to meet up with my cousin. Do-able or too much of a hassle?

Italy - Mediterranean Coast

Hi all,
In a few weeks I will be backpacking down the Med Coast of Italy for approx 2 weeks. We are not interested in Rome as we have been there, more interested in good beaches and good night life. Does anyone have any reccomendations? any feedback is awesome