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Itinerary help- Ireland, England, Scotland

I’m planning a trip this upcoming summer (2012). It’s going to be my and my friend; we’re both 20 year old girls from New York and will be traveling from May 30- June 21 in Ireland, England, and Scotland. I have a basic itinerary planned but will be the first to admit i have NO idea what i’m doing.

33 Cities for 75 Days Solo Euro Trip Itinerary -- Need Suggestion

Hello everyone.

I’ll be traveling solo for 75 days from April to June, starting from and ending in Paris. I’ve tried to list which cities I’d like to visit but I think I might have put way too many.

6 week itinerary - please judge

Hey guys

Planning my first trip to Europe for September next year. I know its getting in early but I’ve started to plan my itinerary. Im a solo female traveler. I’m especially interested in history and the outdoors.
I have about 6 weeks and a budget of $8000. I will be travelling by myself.
What do you think of this…. Doable? To fast? To slow? Travelling to far? Any places I should skip?

51 days in Europe--itinerary help please!

I’m departing on June 7 and flying into London. I’ve been to London once before, but this will be my first time exploring Europe. I’ll be backpacking and plan on staying at hostels. For transportation I have a “15 days within 2 month” Eurail Globalpass. There’s nothing that’s absolutely ‘essential’ in terms of museums/sites, I just plan on enjoying the experience and the people I meet along the way.

Thoughts/advice about my itinerary? Should I spend more/less time in certain places or cut some of them altogether?

2 Months in Europe Itinerary

Hello, I’ll be travelling to Europe from early July to late August, about 55 days, with my gf. We’re just trying to sort out a route at the moment. These are the places we’d like to see and that seem to fit into a workable route. Any comments on places, the route, time spent, etc. would be most appreciated. For travel around we’re thinking eurail passes.

Please advise on Eurotrip budget

I hope in the future they make a forum for budgeting and monetary purposes, but until then, I this works just fine. I plan on going with two of my buddies to Europe in May 2012 for 37 days, and I’m curious to exactly how much we each need to save up. My budget so far is:

$1400- Flight to Dublin and from Madrid
$800- Eurail Pass
$150- Backpack
$740- Food ($20 p/day x 37)
$800- Hostels ($25 p/night avg. x 33)—-Staying with friends for few days
$700- Spending Money

Total- $4,590

Please let me know if this budget is too high or low so I can begin saving accordingly.

First Timer Planning Trip - 28 Days

At this point I have made several different itineraries but this one seems to look like the one that will work the best and I would like some input. It will be my first time going over to Europe and I want to pack it all in. Is this too much? Is there a better route? What should I add/delete? I plan on taking the EuRail to most cities but what’s the easiest mode of transportation from city to city (e.g. london to dublin, dublin to paris, paris to barcelona and barcelona to rome specifically)?

First time

My best friend and I are wanting to plan a trip to Europe next summer for college graduation. It will be my first time there and she’s been to London before. What are some suggestions, must sees, etc for a 2-3 week trip? We are wanting to be in the UK, Ireland, Amsterdam and possibly Paris.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Bavaria/Rhine valley itinerary help

hi! My husband and I are traveling in Germany for two weeks in July, starting from Munich. We hope to travel in Bavaria and Rhine valley, perhaps ending up in Dusseldorf to fly back to London! We need some help with the itinerary! We’re interested in seeing Rothenburg, Fussen, etc but need help connecting them together. We also love biking and finding “out there” places in the country. But we’re going by train, which presents a bit of a challenge!


Itinerary Help: 16 Days In Europe

Hi All,

This is my first time backpacking to Europe, so I figured I’d try and get some input from all you travel junkies out there. I’ll be going for 18 days (-2 days on a plane) in June and here is my rough plan so far:

Amsterdam: 3 Days

Rhine Valley (Dusseldorf, Bonn – Koblenz): 2 days

Stuttgart: 1 day

Munich (with day trip to Fussen): 3 days

it’s after Munich where I have my dilemma: either I go from
Munich —> Prague —> Vienna —> Budapest OR
I skip Budapest altogether and go from Munich —> Salzburg —> Prague —> Berlin.