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6 week Europe circuit..Possible?

Please check out my itinerary – Flying into Paris on 30th April, flying out about 6 weeks later, setting up a few couch surfs along the way, my main question is regarding transport!!

Itinerary ideas for 1st time in Europe for 4 weeks

Hello, me and my hubby are planning our 1st big European trip in September this year.
We’re leaving from New Zealand would like to do 4 weeks which includes our time taken to get there and back.

We would like to at least be able to do London, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Venice, Florence and Rome. Will this be doable under 4 weeks? How many days would you recommend we spend in each city?
Also we’re not sure how we should travel between cities. From the little research I’ve done so far it seemed that flying is much cheaper than trains.

Itinerary/Budget Opinions

Hey all,

My girlfriend and I are thinking about doing a trip through Western Europe as first timers and I wonder if I could gather some opinions about our proposed budget and itinerary. We have already found a good round trip flight into London, and are considering getting a Eurail Global Pass for transportation around Europe. Our combined budget is around $3500 for about 35 days in Europe. The budget is for accommodations, food, and entertainment. Our itinerary is very flexible. We plan on living/eating/sleeping cheaply while there and finding plenty to do without spending too much money.

Help with Trip Itinerary/Transportation

Hey everyone!

My name is Alyssa and a few friends and I are planning on traveling for 50 days next summer. Our tentative timeframe is from June 13th to August 1st, and we have a lot of key places on our list. We wanted to spend about 3 days in each place, but the places we’ve picked do stretch a far distance. We were looking into the cheap intercountry airlines and possibly a global eurail pass but we’re all really new to this. Basically, here is the list of places we want to go, and we’re not sure what route to take to get to all these places.

First Timer to Europe

Hello! Im a first timer to Europe this October and worried that I may have gone overboard with this initial itinerary. I need your honest direct feedback, please! This is the week I finalize my hostel accommodation and Eurostar/Eurail Pass. This is my IT:

London (18 – 22)
Paris (23 – 27)
Brussels (28 – 30) (pending plans of day trips to Luxembourg and Cologne/Dusseldorf)
Amsterdam (31 – 2)

1. Will I be spreading myself miserably for this Itinerary?

16 Days in Western Europe – Help with Itinerary

Hello! This is my first post to this site! I am taking 16 consecutive days in October to backpack Western Europe. This has kind of been a last minute adventure for me because I just found out that I have to conduct some business near Hannover, Germany and I wanted to take advantage of the free flight/travel over there. So I will vacation for 16 days, then conduct business and then spend the following weekend in a city prior to my flight back to the USA.
I am in need of some help planning how to best utilize my 16 days prior to my business and my weekend following my business.

90 Day Itinerary - Please Review/Comment

*My Itinerary*

Fly to Zurich or Frankfurt (around the 2nd week of August)
Strasbourg (2)
Interlaken or Lucerne (2)
Lyon (2)
Cote d’Azur/Nice (4)
Barcelona (3)
Valencia (2) – Trip to Bunol for La Tomatina
Andalucía (5) – Based in Seville and trips to Granada & Ronda
Lagos (3)
Lisbon (3) – Daytrip to Coimbra
Porto (2)
Basque Country (4)
Bordeaux (2)
Paris (5)
Brussels/Bruges (4)
Amsterdam (4), – Daytrip to Maastricht
Copenhagen (3)
Berlin/Saxony (4)
Krakow (3)
Prague (3)
Munich (3) – around Oktoberfest
Vienna (3)
Budapest (3)
Pecs (2)
Split/Dubrovnik (5)

81 day trip itinerary - opinions needed.

1-3 London
4-5 Liverpool
6-8 Dublin
9-10 Cork
11 Dingle Town
12-13 Open
14-17 Amsterdam
18 Open
19-23 Paris
24 Open
25 Lourdes
26 Monaco
27 Lyon
28 Geneva
29-30 Bern
31 Gimmelwald

1 Open
2-4 Cinque Terre
5 Open
7-13 Rome
14-15 Florence
16-17 Venice
18-19 Munich
20-21 Prague
22-23 Jicin
24-25 Prague
26 Bratislava
27 Open
28-29 Krakow
30 Warsaw

1-2 Warsaw (cont’d)
3 Gdansk
4 Open
5-7 Berlin
8-12 Open for FIFA Final
13-14 Madrid
15-16 Pamplona
17-19 Barcelona

We’d like to fly in and out of whatever country is in the FIFA finals, if

itinerary help for next summer

Right now im in the midst of trying to plan a trip to europe next summer for a month, and am trying different itinerarys to see which would work the best. this one i really like but would like some feed back from people who have gone to these places. i would like to know if i have alloted enough time for each city or if i have gave to much time with some, or if there is other cities or towns in this area i should visit.

The Nomad Backpackers

14:37 minutes (13.39 MB)

Matt speaks with Natalie and Justin of who are on an open ended backpacking trip around the world.