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London to Glasgow

Hello, new backpacker here and I am looking for some advice on a few places I could add to my solo trip through the UK. Currently I plan to spend a few days in london, work my way up to edinburgh and ultimately glasgow for the west end festival. I have about 2 and half weeks for all of this and I was wondering if anyone could name some must-see places and such. I like to experience a bit of everything, and am interested in some clubs that anyone could recommend. any advice would be appreciated thanks.

Getting From Stansted Airport to Oxford

My friend and I are having a bit of difficulty finding a cheap way to get from Stanstead Airport to Oxford. We were looking at the Stansted Airport website, and the cheapest was about £35. Anyone know a cheaper way to get there? Would it be cheaper/easier going from Stansted to London, then London to Oxford (St. Clemens).? Thanks!

Canadian Moving to London - Livable Wage for 5 Months

Hi guys,

I am almost done my first year of university. Having not taken a year off between high school and university, I am completely sick of school. Instead, I am going to be taking this coming year off. From Sept 2 – Oct 21 I will be traveling throughout Europe with one of my friends. The plan is to apply for the youth mobility scheme and then after my Europe trip to move directly to London.

the cheapest way to travel between london and paris

what is the cheapest way to travel from london to paris and vice versa? thanks Smile

How to get from these airports to the downtown area...without cabbing.

Okay so I’m flying through ryanair, (right there you can guess I’m on a certain kind of budget) and I don’t think cabbing it from airports would even be part of the budget.
Now, I basically need help on how to get from the following airports to the downtown area (i am trying to google, but I just don’t even know where to start or towards what area I should want to go).

What is best way to get from Dublin to London?

I am looking for advice on the best/most economical way to get from Dublin to London, the first leg of my trip. We will be travelling in August.

Any other suggestions, based on my itenerary, would also be helpful. I am travelling with one person from (tentatively)



One-way flight to LON in September

Hi, I’m going to uni in London this fall and would like your opinion on purchasing my ticket. My dates are slightly flexible, but I’d ideally like to arrive the week of September 21st. Best flights I found were through Icelandair, so I’m considering doing a stopover in Iceland. According to the info below, would you suggest purchasing now? Do you think it will increase dramatically over the next few weeks?

London to Venice

Hey everyone,

If I’m travelling from London to Venice, what are cool places to stop along the way (without too much of a detour) to see?

This is my first trip to Europe, and I want to absorb as much as possible. Smile


The Albert
Pub in london
The Sultan
Pub in london