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skopje for the winter from NY

I’m searching for a flight anytime after Dec 20 and returning sometime around Jan 20th (my dates are quite flexible), leaving from NYC and going to Skopje, Macedonia. I’ve been doing some research as to what the cheapest flights would be (i.e book a cheap student flight to London and then perhaps transfer?) Another option is to fly into an airport nearby such as Serbia or Greece? There are too many websites! I feel like I keep on getting the same ridiculously priced results (over 1000 USD).

Balkans by train

I found a special offer called Balkan Flexipass which is valid for Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. It seems to be working like the Interrail tickets. Does anyone have any experience on this ticket?

My other question is: where can I check the Montenegro railway timetables?

inexpensive flight skopje

I’m a student, looking for a dirt cheap flight to Skopje, departing sometime in June and leaving sometime in late July or August. It doesn’t need to necessarily be a direct flight— if I have to spend a few days in a stopover city, that’s fine. If anybody could help me, I’d greatly appreciate it and would be forever grateful.

The Best of the Republic of Macedonia?

The Best of the Republic of Macedonia?

I am both looking for, and providing information about Macedonia. Please read the growing list below (compiled through personal research done on the internet). Please add, or edit items to list as you see fit. If you live in Macedonia, or consider yourself an expert on the country then please contribute your tips, hints, and favourites based on the criteria listed below. Once complete, this list should help visitors find exactly “the very best in Macedonia”.