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Transporting around Spain-Portugal-Gibraltar-Morocco

Hey Everyone! It’s so difficult putting these eurotrips together! Kudos to all the people who are knowledgeable with all the transport systems available in Europe!

I will be departing from NYC September 17. (Or at least I hope, i am flexible). I would like to start out with the spain region and am hoping for your help as I completely clueless in the transport area. These are the places I would like to visit, can someone please tell me what would be the best or most convenient city to fly into, and then the best ways to get around to the other cities?

Madrid, Valencia, Bordeaux or Tours???

Hi, I’m backpacking solo. As part of my trip I’m visiting Valencia, Bordeaux and Tours. I have the option of staying at two of the places for 1 full day and 2 nights but the other place I’ll get to stay 3 days and 4 nights (bus rules not mine!). I’m stopping only over night in Madrid – get in late, leave early. So should I stay longer at V, B or T or should I give Madrid more of a go? Which is your favourite place out of these four?
Thanks heaps in advance!

Take Off For Spain & Morocco On Line (Video + Stills)

My film “From Flamenco to Fez” presents a 2 continent, 3 country trip to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. It features Madrid, Toledo, Grenada (the Alhambra), Seville (Spain), Fez and Marrakesh in Morocco, Lisbon, & Fatima in Portugal, plus much more, including a lavish Berber spectacle of music, dancing, and horse riding.

The video can be seen on the web, if you have a high speed internet connection.

This is a free, non-commercial, streaming video on the Windows Media Player. No ads and no strings attached. I still sell absolutely nothing.

Palacio Real - Madrid
Landmark in Madrid, Spain
El Escorial - A Royal Monastery
Landmark in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain

Meeting in Madrid Airport

I am traveling to Europe with a friend. We are both flying in to Madrid, but are on different flights/airlines. Does anyone know this airport and can offer advice on where we could meet? I’m not sure if we’ll have to go thru customs and then meet or if we can meet at baggage claim. I do not think that the person I am meeting is flying in to the same terminal, but I am not sure. We want to be able to have a meeting place without relying on phones. Thanks!