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WAnt to travel to Paris for my marriage anniversary in October but don’t have a clue where to start, ineed cheap n good hostels, good restaurants, n clubs,my budget is 1500euro for 10days is it possible?


how much money should i bring per day on my trip? i am going away for 23 days, in 6 different cities. I plan on going out at night every night and i dont want to be worrying about not having enough money. thanks!

Money and Shoes for western Europe Backpacking

We are going for a month to western Europe, as follows: from Salt Lake City to London however our time in London is going to be almost free we will be staying with close family. We are budgeting about $3700 for everything. (per person-there are just two of us) these are our cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Venice, Rome, Marseilles, Barcelona, Madrid, London
We will be backpacking and staying in hostels. The trip is to see Europe-not party or hook up.

Money and Planning

Hey everyone

I’m not sure if this should go in packing, but none of the other categories seemed appropriate. Anyways, I’m just planning for my trip, but I’m really not sure what I should consider when making my budget. I’ve already got my transport and living figured out. Is there any other huge expenses I should consider?

Another thing: I’m traveling through mostly heavily populated western cities (amsterdam, paris, london, etc.) and a few eastern cities (Krakow, Prague). So taking that into account, How much should I expect to be paying per day?

Finances in Europe

I’m confused on one thing, when we want to pay for hostels/hotels/apartments in Europe (we are a group of four) are we going to have to pay by credit card or can we pay cash? Is it advisable to pay cash, because if we pay cash at all the different hostels, we will be carrying a lot more cash than we should and will be prone to pick-pocketing. What is the best way to handle paying for hostels that we have reserved when we get to Europe?

How much money to bring??

I know that this site recommends $100 a day but what is that including? It seems that one way to save a lot of money is to get a round trip flight, but thats hard to work out in my plan.

What about pounds?

So, I’m planning to travel in the winter to Europe and I wanna spend two weeks at friend’s houses in London (in january/february 2010). For the others countries I’m planing 35-40 euros per day (without accomodations and transportation beetween cities) but I have ANY idea how much money is the ideal per day in London. I know it’s a really expensive city and how much in euros (or US dollars) do you guys think it’s necessary? (considering I’ll have a really short budget)
thank you and sorry for my bad English (I’m brazilian)