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What about pounds?

So, I’m planning to travel in the winter to Europe and I wanna spend two weeks at friend’s houses in London (in january/february 2010). For the others countries I’m planing 35-40 euros per day (without accomodations and transportation beetween cities) but I have ANY idea how much money is the ideal per day in London. I know it’s a really expensive city and how much in euros (or US dollars) do you guys think it’s necessary? (considering I’ll have a really short budget)
thank you and sorry for my bad English (I’m brazilian)

Money issues?

Hey guys,
I am a college student who is about to graduate this May. I really want to travel in Europe next summer (2010) before I start grad school and I will hopefully be working all the 2009-2010 year to save up money for it. However, I will still be paying bills like my car ins/payment, gas, etc. I will be living at home so no rent but will be helping out on like the power bill there and such. But also free food courtesy of my mom.
If I plan to be gone around 30-40 days in May-June, how much should I try to save?

Being Cheap

I was just wondering, with this new financial crisis in the American Economy, for an American what are some of the best countries to visit on a relativly modest budget. Other than Eastern Europe where does the USD go the farthest?

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Work and travel

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of travelling for a few months to Europe in December or January, hope to be able to get some jobs that allow me to get to know, superficially, 4 or 5 countries. (the principal cities of, for example, Spain, France, Italy…)
I’m new in this and have no experience in working abroad, staying in hostels and that kind of stuff, so, I ask you for any help or advice that you could give me.
I’m 22, I’m a student and I’m an Argentinian, but I have also the Spanish nationality. I speak english, french, japanesse (not very usefull, i think), and, obviously, spanish.

jackets & travellers cash cards

My friend and I are backing Europe this winter. I’m from Australia so I don’t own a warm and waterproof jacket suitable for the climate. I was going to buy a jacket here in Aus from a snow/travel store, and the ones I’ve looked at have been about AUD$250 – $400, and considering I’m on a budget this seems a lot. Then, a friend suggested that buying a jacket when I arrive in Europe would be cheaper and the jackets would be better quality anyway. I’m flying into heathrow, staying in south of England for a few days, then heading to France (and then on to backpack for 3 months).