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American wanting to drive on German Autobahn

My friends and I will be heading to Europe next summer. On our itinerary, we are scheduled to travel from Frankfurt to Munich. I think it would be a good idea to travel this route by car (autobhan) instead of train to experience the autobahn for ourselves and to get a break from trains.

That being said, what does an American need to do to be certified/able to rent a car in Germany? Also, the high speed limit of the autobhan obviously is one thing we want to safely enjoy (being 22 year olds), but is it worth it?

Cheap Flights? Working our way from Rome to Amsterdam

We’re thinking of starting a 2 – 2 1/2 week trip in Rome, then making our way to Italy, Munich, Paris, Brussels with a day trip to Bruges, and ending up in Amsterdam (we think that’s probably the best order, but if you have any other suggestions that’s great). We thought at first that we would just take the Eurail to every city, but the gaps between Florence, Munich, and Paris are pretty far. Also, Italy isn’t adjacent to Germany, so it couldnt’ be counted on a 4-country pass.

Summer fare advice needed: Washington - Munich/Ljubljana

I’m looking at some of these posts and finding some great advice, so I was hoping some of the resident experts could provide me some advice regarding reasonable fares and booking times for roundtrip tickets from Washington (IAD/DCA) to Munich (MUC) or Ljubljana, Slovenia (LJU).

Date range: June 15 – August 1, for a stay of ca. 15 days

Currently, I’m seeing $1425 for roundtrip IADLJU (07/02 – 07/18). Is this a bit too high?

What to do in Interlaken, Florence, Munich, and Nice

I’m going with two friends to Europe at the end of the summer/early fall. As of now the cities are as follows: Rome, Venice, Munich, Zurich, Milan, Marseille, Paris, London, Dublin.

Paris, Rome, Venice are all pretty much decided what we’re doing, but I was wondering if anyone knew of fun things to do/see in the rest of the cities (especially Milan, Marseilles, and Munich).

Help Me Out

just want a little help on know what to look at when i got to Munich, Berlin, Vienna, and Brataslava..

i got a general idea of what to look for

i wanna do the whole night time party seen…. im bring more than enough money so that i can go out and have tons of fun

but i also wanna see historical shit, stuff that has to the with the wars, and famous sites

lil help?

Room for rent - Oktoberfest!

Hi there,

As I moved out of my old flat I am renting my unfurnished, ca. 14 square meters room that is directly on Lindwurmstraße. If you know Munich, it’s especially good to know that it’s basically 5 mins by foot until the Wiesn (Oktoberfest site), and everything else you might need is right on the corner. (You have two choices for the metro station if you want to go to the Oktoberfest, and one of them is Goetheplatz, where the flat is situated.)

The flat itself is fully furnished, and you have access to high-speed internet.

Are two days enough for Munich?

Need help with planning for Munich… we are thinking whether it’s worth spending 2 or 3 days in Munich. As we are there during Oktoberfest, we have one full day for that. The next day we plan to roam in the city. So what are places which are must-see? i am thinking of Allianz Arena, BMW museum… what are the others? Also are there enough places to see for a third day? if not, we will go to amsterdam which is our next destination… maybe places around munich? dachau? , Berchtesgaden, Nuremberg ?

pls help!! thanks

Oktoberfest: Anything left?

Does anybody know anywhere to find somewhere (hostels, hotels, couches, beds, ANYTHING) to stay in Munich for Oktoberfest from the 18th of September until the 22nd of September?

I don’t have a travel buddy and I don’t know anybody who lives there and I obviously can’t afford to be paying $200 per night. $70 or less would be ideal.

Is it wise to just go and hope I can find someone who might be willing to split the costs of their room with me?

Does anybody have any experience with this?

Cheers in advance!

Munich to Phoenix in July! Is a cheap flight even possible?

Hey everyone,

I´m looking for a cheap round trip flight from Munich to Phoenix. I know July is a bad time to fly, and all I´ve been able to find is flights for around $1100. I´m looking to leave around July 7th and come back around the 26th, but my travel dates and times are EXTREMELY flexible, so anything around then should work. You guys are always great at finding cheap flights, so thanks in advance for the help!