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Oktoberfest: Anything left?

Does anybody know anywhere to find somewhere (hostels, hotels, couches, beds, ANYTHING) to stay in Munich for Oktoberfest from the 18th of September until the 22nd of September?

I don’t have a travel buddy and I don’t know anybody who lives there and I obviously can’t afford to be paying $200 per night. $70 or less would be ideal.

Is it wise to just go and hope I can find someone who might be willing to split the costs of their room with me?

Does anybody have any experience with this?

Cheers in advance!

Munich to Phoenix in July! Is a cheap flight even possible?

Hey everyone,

I´m looking for a cheap round trip flight from Munich to Phoenix. I know July is a bad time to fly, and all I´ve been able to find is flights for around $1100. I´m looking to leave around July 7th and come back around the 26th, but my travel dates and times are EXTREMELY flexible, so anything around then should work. You guys are always great at finding cheap flights, so thanks in advance for the help!

Sites to book Train Tickets

I was wondering if anyone new of some good Cheap sites where I could book point to point tickets from. I am traveling from Rome to Munich, then from Munich to Berlin, Berlin to Sweden via plane and back to Berlin, Berlin to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Paris and Paris to Rome all by train

Munich to Interlaken


Anyone have any recommendations for the trip by rail from Munich to Interlaken. After researching on, looks like there’s minimum 2 transfers, and its about 7 hours.

Any recommendations for spending a day in between? Stopping somewhere? Seeing something? Alternative routes? This is one of the last things we have to clear up before leaving in June.

Travel dates from Amsterdam-Munich will be 21-Jun by night train (preferably).
Travel dates from Munich-Interlaken will be 25-Jun by train.

has anyone ever booked with DB BAHN?

Okay so the other day I booked a train from München to Amsterdam. I just realized this ‘small’ detail today:
Station/Stop Date Time Platform Products
München Hbf Fr, 05.06.09 dep 06:20 23 ICE 886 Intercity-Express
Hannover Hbf Fr, 05.06.09 arr 10:32 8
Hannover Hbf Fr, 05.06.09 dep 10:40 12 IC 148 Intercity
Bicycles conveyed – subject to reservation, Number of bicycles conveyed limited, Please reserve, Bordbistro
Amsterdam Zuid Fr, 05.06.09 arr 15:02 4


night train Paris-Munich

Hey I was wondering if anyone had traveled from Paris to Munich. I was looking into taking a night train, but was wondering if it was worth getting the sleeping room or not. I don’t have any train travel experience in Europe so I don’t know what to expect with this.

Amsterdam to Munich to Interlaken


I assume that rail would be the best way to get from Amsterdam to Munich (for budget travelers), and then from Munich to Interlaken. Is there anything specifically to note when traveling by rail — should we make sure to take the night train or stop in any specific cities (for a brief period)? We will be in Amsterdam for 3 nights, Munich for 3/4 nights, and Interlaken for 3 nights.

Thanks in advance for the advice — trying to nail down this leg of our itinerary as we are going in June-July ’09, and really excited about Munich and Interlaken.


Oktoberfest, Munich

Stopping in Munich for good ol Oktoberfest in Sept. Any tips or advice for stopping there and having a good time.
Do you recommend making tent reservations or can you get seated by just showing up?
How much money do you think you spent each day?
What is it like getting around?(taxi’s, bus’s)
Any other thoughts, comments or help. Here is our trip( Madrid, Bacelona, Zurich, Munich, Vienna, Prague, Berlin)

Any Advice on hostals, transportation, places must see?

Hello everyone..

I will be traveling to erope this summer (09) and would appreciate any advice…my initial plan without much logic put into it is: LA —- london, france, belgium, netherlands, denmark, sweden, germany, austria, macedonia, greece, cyprus, egypt, italy, switzerland, spain, morocco, czech republic…any thoughts on hostals, how on earth the train system works, (not having luck getting the correct info) and places i must see, (and some not to)….
Thank you!!!

Munich! Fun.
Travelogue Entry in Munich, Germany