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Harder Styles

My friend and I (both 18) are going to go on a trip to Europe this coming summer. Both of us are into hardstyle and hardcore techno, and were wondering if people could give us ideas of clubs to hit up throughout Europe. We are starting in Munich, and we are trying to find ways to get to Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, and Venice as well as trying to go to a q-dance festival if we can get tickets.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Amsterdam, Beginning of June, on a Monday

I’m arriving in Amsterdam at the beginning of the week and I was wondering if there were any good bars that played music or had live bands on a Sunday and Monday night? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

Southside Festival

To the Eurotrip community. Last summer, I was a first time backapckers from Canada who on a whim attended a kick-ass festival in Germany. Should anyone else be interested in following my footsteps, I will leave whatever resources I can. Feel free to message me!

Official website in German and English:

Music in car for along drive

what’s you favourite music or band, or music style to listen when you are driving for a 2-6 hours somewhere? can you share Smile

13th Note Cafe
Restaurant in Glasgow, United Kingdom
Koko Club
Nightclub in London, United Kingdom