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Naples to Tunisia

It just occurred to me how close Tunisia is from Naples. Has anyone taken the ferry across? I can find a little info. online but not much. I was wondering how much it cost or the deck and how long the trip is. Or if someone could point me to a legit site to make reservations that would be great.

I was also wondering if anyone’s ever hopped over there just for a couple days and gone back? I just really want to see some camels and go on a camel trek. I don’t want to spend a lot of time there, but the camel aspect of it is a bit too hard to ignore. Has anyone gone on a trek there?

Need help getting from Rome to Istanbul

I’m so glad I found this forum. This is my first trip and I’ve found the hardest part is deciding how I’m actually going to reach these locations. Looking at a map is fine, but in practice I’m clueless. So, eurotrip members, please help me reach the following locations. I’m open to any suggestion.

best way from Naples to Venice

What do you think is the most efficient way to get from Naples to Venice PER experience? The trains seem to take in average 8 hours. some less some more. My friend&I are on a budget, so when I saw that with easy jet we could fly from Naples to Venice for 24E, it seemed like a good idea. But to be honest, I’m looking to know if I’d waste just as much time GETTING to the airport, boarding, delays, getting from the airport in venice…
I am just looking to hear people’s experiences. What would you say is the best way?

Anyone been to Naples lately?

In the last month I have seen that there is some trouble in Naples. The Garbage dump is full and they are burning trash in the streets at night. Has anyone been there in the past month or so? Is this happening in Sorrento and the rest of the Amalfi coast? We are due to be there in Sept and may change our plans if they are burning garbage in the streets of Sorrento.