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Need Advice for my trip

South of France

Planning a trip from late July through the second week of August. Two of us starting with a budget of about $3000 each looking to stay in hostels and see as much as we can.

The trip as of now looks like this:
Amsterdam: 2 days
Paris: 2 days
Barcelona:3 days
South of France: ?
Venice:3 days
Florence:2 days
Rome:2 days

My question is we are planning to take the rail through the Southern France but are unsure of what is worth seeing and how we should accomplish it. Both college guys and looking to be able to see alot and still party while we are there.

Travel Itinerary advice: Paris, Spain, Portugal to Italy

Hey guys i’m hoping someone may be able to offer some good input to help me with my travel plans in April. I’m trying to figure out the best and cheapest route to take if Im coming from Paris and want to go through some parts of Spain (including Madrid) into Portugal and then get across to Italy on my way around to croatia and greece. I dont have any time limits for the trip. I’ve already been to Barcelona so i can avoid that region aswell.

Need all sorts of Advice

Hey so i am planning a 60 day trip across Europe with a two month eurorail pass and here is a rough itinerary.

Lisbon (3), Madrid (2),Barcelona (3),Marseille (3),Nice (3), Milan (3) Rome (5) Naples (2), Trento (3), Zagreb (2), Split (4), Munich (5), Prague (3), Amsterdam (5), Brussels (4) , Paris (4)

I was just wondering what people thought of all these places. Am i missing a place i should absolutely visit? Should i skip some of these? Should i add time for some of these places? Any advice would be helpful whether it be accommodation, Transport etc.
Thanks in advance.

have a look at Zak's first euro trip and advise please!

guys help me out with hostel bookings and places to visit…i love history btw!

18 year old graduate taking a Eurotrip for the first time...please HELP :D

Ive decided to start a year in advanced on planning my month long graduation eurotrip! Problem is, this is my first time traveling outside of the United States (blahh) and I will be traveling alone . Its going to happen during the summer of 2010 (July/Early August) Here is an idea of the cities I will probably be hitting: Santorini, Greece
Mykonos, Greece
Ios, Greece
Athens, Greece
Venice, Italy
Milan, Italy
Rome, Italy
Florence, Italy
This trip will be 29 days, I’m hoping I can spend a decent amount of time in each city.

Europe trip Spring 09

Hello everyone i am planning a month trip from March 2nd throught April 2nd i have a budget of 2500 and thats not including my flight or train pass and was wondering what you think of my iteniary and if you think that enough money.