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How to Book an Overnight Train Seat Reservation WITH a Rail Pass?!

I have a German Twin Rail Pass for travel around Germany this March. I will be traveling from Basel (btw, is it Basel SBB train station? or Basel Bad bf station? that is included in my German Rail Pass) to Cologne and would like to do this leg on an overnight train (the City Nightline Train) to save on hotel costs. If my German Rail pass will cover the cost of the train tickets, how do I go about booking a seat reservation separately?

Help with Railpass and tickets combination

I’m in need of some help regarding train traveling, railpasses and tickets.

The train routes of the trip are:
Rome – Vernazza – Venice – Munich – Gimmelwald
and then
London – Bruges – Paris

I’m having trouble coming up with the best railpass and tickets combination.

We’re traveling overnight between Venice and Munich. Within this segment we have to pass through Austria.

The problem is there’s no 6 country railpass. It might have just solved it. So I don’t know what’s the best way around it.

Should I just get the Eurail Global pass for 10 days within 2 months?

Night trains from 1) Prague->Krakow, and 2) Krakow-> Budapest in July

Hi there,

I have read through a couple of helpful forum threads on night trains but had a few more questions that I couldn’t find the answers for (and would like some more up to date advice).

1) Two of us would like to take the night train from Prague to Krakow on July 11, arriving in Krakow on July 12. I have looked at the IDOS website and understand that we want to take the R401 Silesia which departs from Prague at 21:32 and arrives in Krakow at 6:24.

a) We would like to take a 2-berth compartment so we are guaranteed to be the only passengers inside.

Rail from Budapest to Krakow, then on to Prague

Hi! I’m new to this board but just read an older thread about this basic question and was hoping to get some additional information. I’ll be traveling through Budapest, Krakow and Prague this summer (in that order) and am trying to get a feel for how expensive rail travel between the cities will end up being. This would be in late May 09. We would train out of Budapest on 5/27 (to Krakow) and then out of Krakow (to Prague) on 5/30. If anyone could shed some light on this for me, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for helping!