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Northern Europe

So, I have been thinking of planning a trip to the region, Stockholm in specific. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some general advice for the area? Where should I visit, where shouldn’t I?

Another thing I’m unsure about is money. I’d like to go cheap, but buying clothes and stuff would be nice. In general, is Sweden expensive to visit? What about other Scandinavian countries? Am I best off to stay in hostels?

Thanks in advance. I ask a lot of questions, I know.

One final one, should I whip out some Robyn cds now, or later? hahaha

Dublin to Bergen to Amsterdam


Wondering if you could provide feedback on transport to and from Norway. We are going to see a friend there after flying in from Dublin from the States. Would like it to be as cheap as possible, and wondering if this would be the best way to do it.

Norway - Bergen or Oslo

Hi all,

We are meeting a friend in Norway near the beginning of our trip in the middle of June for a few days. We were planning on flying Dublin – Oslo (then out to Amsterdam afterwards) but have been told Bergen might be a better choice for our age/interests (22 yr old guys, looking for hiking/outdoors stuff — ie fjords, nightlife, etc).

Our friend can meet us in whichever big city we choose, and to date has not explicitly given us any good advice… so, any recommendations? We have pretty much conceded to how expensive it will be, but are going to Norway nonetheless.

Scandinavia advices

I’m planning to go to Scandinavia (Sweden-Norway-Denmark) this spring for a month or so and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where i should go! I’m thinking of Copenhagen-Malmo(Lund)-Stockholm-Oslo-Bergen, but I would also like to get off the beaten track, to see what the country is really about!

I’m thinking of landing in Amsterdam before heading to Copenhagen. If so, should i make a stop in Hamburg? I’m not really into «twelve cities in twenty days» kind of trip, so would those two stops be too much?

Thanks for your advices!