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Oslo in December...

Hello, I will be traveling to Oslo, Norway, in mid-December for a little business but I have lots of time to explore and do things.

I checked the average weather for that time and it is not too bad, but my question is what is Oslo like in mid-December? Are a lot of things closed down? Should I expect lots of snow? or rain? Should I get some serious boots?

Also, is there any nice day-trips from Oslo, maybe to see something historic, or naturally beautiful?

Any insight will be really helpful!


Granada to Oslo

Hi Everyone!
I am planning on going from Granada to Oslo around June 1st, 2010. It is really expensive to go from the airport in Granada so I have been thinking about taking a bus or train to another city then fly to Oslo from there. So far the best I’ve found is the bus from Granada to Malaga and then a flight to Oslo. I would welcome ANY suggestions. The most important thing to me is cost. I don’t mind longer bus rides or train transfers. I have friends in Norway so it doesn’t matter which airport I fly into.
Thank you in advance!


Going to Norway next Saturday, driving from Stockholm. Will spend two weeks in Norway, out of which, one and a half or two days in Oslo. Done some homeworks, found interesting things to see in Oslo, but still wondering if Oslo worth spending more than 1,5 days (few hours on the arrival day, next day and few hours the day after, before driving to Bergen)
What’s your opinion ?
Also…any hints for a well-located hotel or a nice gues-house (in the *** range) ?


SAS Scandinavian good price for summer 2009

I have an alert on Stockholm and just received a notice today of a good fare for next summer. This fare may have been around for awhile and it was just triggered for me.
I was checking Atlanta-Stockholm and could get it 15may 09 through 30aug 09 for <$1000 all in for Fixed Economy. It seems to be the sale listed on their website, but my final fare is less than promoted.

Flight offers from the US to Scandinavia and Finland for summer travel originating between May 15 – August 30, 2009.
SAS summer fares in three levels of comfort Economy, Economy Extra or Business – it’s your choice!