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Study Abroad + Backpacking Questions

In a few weeks I’m starting a study abroad program in Central Europe that lasts a month, then I’m stay five weeks afterward to backpack around the region. I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out what to pack and how much!
I’m flying in and out of the same city I’m studying in, so was hoping there would be a way to size down and store some of my things until I come back for my departure flight. Does anyone know if this is possible?
Either way, what’s a reasonable amount to pack? How much will they allow me to bring onto trains, etc?

Why Pack Light

So I’ve been reading all these threads about packing light, light, light, light. Under 25lbs so on and so forth. I’ve hiked up some of the biggest mountains and hills I can think of 10 miles plus and done it with 50 to 60 lbs and been perfectly happy and fine. I don’t understand what the issue is.

Cheaper in Italy?

So, I’m going to be studying abroad in Rome, Italy this fall for college, and I’m already thinking about what to pack. Does anyone know if there is anything I can get cheaper in Rome than I can in the U.S.? If I know I can get something like cheaper toiletries, makeup, or basic cooking supplies or something I can leave them out of my luggage to pick up in Rome— and I’m hoping to squeeze everything I’ll need for 5 months into 2 suitcases and a carry-on, so every item counts!

I hope someone has some insight on this. Thanks for your help!

Is this the right backpack?

I am taking a 3 week backpacking adventure through Western Europe from Sept 21-Oct 13.
I need a backpack that I can check in as a carry on on a couple EasyJet and RyanAir flights. I am packing pretty light (2 shirts, 2 jeans, shoes, 3 underwear, 3 socks, 1 lightweight fleece jacket, 1 pair of under armour for the cold weather and toiletries), but I obviously do plan on buying some items over there.
I am more concerned about how comfortably the bag will carry about a 30 pound load.

Short-term Storage for Luggage

My friends and I are studying abroad next spring and are hoping to travel around Europe before we settle in to our respective countries. We’ll fly over to Europe with all of our luggage for the whole semester. But we obviously don’t want to be carrying our stuff around for the whole trip. Do you know of any places where we could rent some cheap, safe storage space or lockers for a week or so? Does this thing even exist?

Forwarding Luggage?

My wife and I work as English teachers in Seoul, South Korea. This August, we will be returning to our home in the USA, but we’d like to take a detour through Europe on the way.

Here’s the problem: we’re not really sure what to do with all of our luggage while we’re hosteling and jetting around western European countries. We can’t leave it in Seoul, obviously, but we can’t take it with us on the European leg of our trip. Mailing (even via boatmail) is cost restrictive.
Is there some way to, say, fly into Rome but have our luggage forwarded to Paris and stored ‘til we complete our voyage?

Work and travel

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of travelling for a few months to Europe in December or January, hope to be able to get some jobs that allow me to get to know, superficially, 4 or 5 countries. (the principal cities of, for example, Spain, France, Italy…)
I’m new in this and have no experience in working abroad, staying in hostels and that kind of stuff, so, I ask you for any help or advice that you could give me.
I’m 22, I’m a student and I’m an Argentinian, but I have also the Spanish nationality. I speak english, french, japanesse (not very usefull, i think), and, obviously, spanish.