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Forwarding Luggage?

My wife and I work as English teachers in Seoul, South Korea. This August, we will be returning to our home in the USA, but we’d like to take a detour through Europe on the way.

Here’s the problem: we’re not really sure what to do with all of our luggage while we’re hosteling and jetting around western European countries. We can’t leave it in Seoul, obviously, but we can’t take it with us on the European leg of our trip. Mailing (even via boatmail) is cost restrictive.
Is there some way to, say, fly into Rome but have our luggage forwarded to Paris and stored ‘til we complete our voyage?

Work and travel

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of travelling for a few months to Europe in December or January, hope to be able to get some jobs that allow me to get to know, superficially, 4 or 5 countries. (the principal cities of, for example, Spain, France, Italy…)
I’m new in this and have no experience in working abroad, staying in hostels and that kind of stuff, so, I ask you for any help or advice that you could give me.
I’m 22, I’m a student and I’m an Argentinian, but I have also the Spanish nationality. I speak english, french, japanesse (not very usefull, i think), and, obviously, spanish.