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Views on Traveling Alone

So I“m going to Europe alone .. my BF bailed she has surgery and I was fine and now I’m freaking out .. 4 days before I leave.. so what do you ppl think its a go? or a NO?

Please Advise on Best Train to take from Paris to Venice during the day

Hello !!

My Wife and me will be travelling from Dubai to Paris for a wedding in August and would like to do a 2 day trip to Venice by Train and fly back to Paris later.

Could you kindly advise me the best way to get to Venice from Paris by Train. Is it worth doing the Paris To Venice train ride we want to do it during the day so we get to see the country side of both France and Italy.

Your suggestions will be of great help….. Vinay

Help with Eurorail!

Hello all,

So i have a big trip that i just started planning and saving for. I am going next mid april til mid june. Going to ireland, england, paris, italy, switzerland, denmark, belgium, austria, greece, sweden…2 months… most places i am staying 3-4 days but Italy and Switzerland there are about 4 cities in each country I would like to visit so I am staying in Italy for 9 days and switzerland for 14. Flying in to London, England then want to head to Dublin then Dublin to paris and all around Europe from there. Is the Eurorail 2 month pass the right choice for me?

Indie/Rock Bars - Anywhere!?

Just wondering if anyone knows any places that play cool music..?

You can see from our itinerary where we’re heading
(List them anyway again like a fool lol – Amsterdam, Brussells, Bruges, Paris, Milan, Marseilles, Barcelona)
so obviously those cities are where we wanna know about, lol, if anybody does know?

Though anywhere else incase we change our plans? Thanks x

Eurail selectpass is enough for transportation?

First time travelers here! My buddy and I are going to Paris, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Seville, Amsterdam, and Bruges this May 25 – June 25. I want to purchase the eurail 4 country 10 days/2 month selectpass. I don’t want to fly within europe. Ten days for eurail just doesn’t seem enough for a month trip, especially since we’ll need transportation within the cities. What about travel within countries?

P.S. what’s this talk about reservations for some trains? and how do we get sleepers? are they included in the selectpass deal?


Help With itinerary

Hey everyone!
New to the site, just decided to take my first backpacking trip to Europe! I have 3 weeks and will be going from June 4th-25th (+/- a few days). I will be arriving in Amsterdam and Leaving through Berlin as i have friends living in both of those places.


Hello everyone.

I just booked my flights and hotels for a 2 1/2 week vacation in October 2009. I am flying to Barcelona (and spending 3 nights). Then I hop an overnight train to Paris (for 3 nights). Another train up to Brussels (for 2 nights). Finally up to Amsterdam (for 6 nights).

Basically, I’ve done a good amount of research so far… But I’m looking to get some advice from either someone living in these cities or has visited these cities before, as to some fun things to do along with touristy sites (restaurants, bars, clubs, site-seeing).

night train Paris-Munich

Hey I was wondering if anyone had traveled from Paris to Munich. I was looking into taking a night train, but was wondering if it was worth getting the sleeping room or not. I don’t have any train travel experience in Europe so I don’t know what to expect with this.

Paris Hostels

Hey I am planning on reserving a hostel in paris soon and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Looking for a place close to city center within walking distance of most attractions but not incredibly far from Paris Nord main train station. Let me know if anyone has any feedback.

Peace & Love Hostel
Hostel in Paris, France