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Favorite Pubs/Bars? 'Cover charge'?


My friends and I are in our mid-twenties and plan to visit Rome, Venice, Innsbruck, Munich, Prague and (Budapest or Amsterdam) for the first time.

I wanted to ask about people’s experiences and recommendations of their favorite pubs/bars in either of these places.

Also, I am from Toronto and we typically need to pay a ‘cover charge’ to get into the bars, and wondered if Europe is the same?

Thanks in advance!

What kind of clothes for men to wear at European clubs?

I see on a lot of the forums that their are certain clubs with dress codes. I plan on going to a lot of clubs while I’m in Europe, and I want to look good while I’m there. I don’t wanna pack too much though, so what is the best club attire that won’t take up too much space in my bag?

The Most Wanted Party in Brussels

The Most Wanted Party

  • The Most Wanted Party at Soho club
    The Most Wanted Parties are back! 3 DJS and one MC to make your dance all night long sliding through different musical styles just for you!


C’est le grand retour des soirées “Most Wanted Party”!

Best weekend among Berlin, Prague and Krakow

Hey people,
I have to decide in which city I’m gonna pass the weekend left i have in my schedule. What do you recommend among Berlin, Prague and Krakow? Whats the best weekend, in terms of nightlife?

Party Hostels in England, Ireland, Am'dam, Belgium??

I have just come back from backpacking through Australia for 6 months and i am hopefully leaving for Europe in late march, april-ish and i was hopeful that the European hostels would stand up to the same party atmosphere as i have come used to in oz like waking up at 11:00am and people already going jagerbombs in the common room and im on a super tight budget since i just came home i don’t really have enough saved up to be leaving again but i really need to get back to traveling!

So any suggestions ????



Alright i really need your help, I and a buddy are over iraq, and are planning our leave for germany. We arent dumb rude americans, so help us out. All we are looking for is a great place to have fun and drink, we are 25 and just want to have a blast on leave. We have been reading through the forums, and searching the internet for about a month now. We were thinking of going to hamburg germany, it sounds like they have a street that is great for partying.