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Where to go in PORTUGAL???

Hi All!

I am planning to spend a week in Portugal towards the beginning of October. I have found a cheap flight from Madrid to any one of these airports: FARO, PORTO and LISBON. I will be running around quite a bit in Spain and was hoping to spend one week in one spot in Portugal and chill out. I like beaches (but doesn’t have to be by the beach), beautiful scenery, seeing cool architecture/museums, etc. and also needs to be a cheap area.

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!

Cheapest / best tickets from Porto (OPO) to Ibiza (IBZ)?


I’ve tried to find information on the forums about traveling from Porto to Ibiza but I couldn’t find anything.

4 of us are planning to go to Ibiza for a week from Porto. Does anyone know of any airline or website that offers cheap tickets between june 4th and 11th?

Would it be better to first go to Lisbon and from there fly to Ibiza?

Any help and ideas are really appreciated Smile

Transportation Porto-Lisbon- Tarifa or Seville

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to plan my trip to Portugal and having a bit difficulty with transportation. Can anyone help?

1. What is best way to get from Porto to Lisbon?

2. After Lisbon, I would like to go to Tarifa. What are my options for getting there? I also want to go to seville after Tarifa, so any suggestions/tips would be appreciated! Thank you!

Transporting around Spain-Portugal-Gibraltar-Morocco

Hey Everyone! It’s so difficult putting these eurotrips together! Kudos to all the people who are knowledgeable with all the transport systems available in Europe!

I will be departing from NYC September 17. (Or at least I hope, i am flexible). I would like to start out with the spain region and am hoping for your help as I completely clueless in the transport area. These are the places I would like to visit, can someone please tell me what would be the best or most convenient city to fly into, and then the best ways to get around to the other cities?