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Hey there fellow travelers,

My husband is graduating law school in February of 2009, I’m surprising him with a 3 week trip in Europe. My plan is to do Ireland for a week and then take Ryan Air to Lisbon to spend two weeks in Portugal/Spain.

Can anyone suggest an itinerary or some must see places? Also, do you suggest getting some kind of train pass.

Thanks and happy travels.

Transport around Europe

I have not really finalised any of my travel plans. Yep laziness is one of my virtues. However I know I am going to be traveling through Spain, Portugal, Across The riveria, to Italy, Throughout Italy, then Across to Crotia and perhaps Montenegro/serbia. Depends on a few things. And I’d be going from about mid june to mid august. Maybe a bit later than that. But I need to get back by the end of August.

However, I am just running around and wondering what way to get about. I see the eurorail pass is quite expensive, and may not be cheaper as I am under 26. How about interrail passes?

Cape Vincent
Landmark in Sagres, Portugal

Spain to Portugal

I’m hoping to travel from San Sebastian across the northern coast of Spain to Portugal (I’ll probably leave the Portugal leg for a different thread). I was wondering what the best cities, villages and beaches are along the northern coast of Spain. I will have between a week and two weeks travelling by train. Is this area a great place to visit? Or should I just make my way into Portugal as quickly as possible?