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Europe in winter


I am planning a Eurotrip in winter *for *2 weeks. My Christmas and New Years would be spent in Europe. Currently I have my eye on paris, switzerland, prague, vienna, budapest…. However, I am aware that I would not be able to cram everything into this trip. My style of traveling is fairly relaxed and I prefer quality over quantity. Any advice regarding the better places to travel to in winter and within my tight time frame would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx heaps!

Old Town Prague
District in Prague, Czech Republic

Need advice for future Eurotrip

Hi, I’m new to this so if anyone can give me feedback I’d appreciate it. OK, here it goes:

My friends and I want to take a Eurotrip in the summer of 2011, during college. You can find the itinerary and such under my username, but it is basically this:

Fly out of Boston to LONDON

I have planned it to be for 42 days, 6 weeks exactly and had some trouble coming up with a decent budget.

where to go in prague?

I will be traveling to Prague next week with two friends and was wondering if anyone had any input on cool places to go out, as well as any hostels that are worth a reccomendation. Thanks.

Prague for Christmas

I am studying abroad in Paris next fall, and when my program ends, I was planning on doing a little traveling: Rome from December 18-23 (prices for hostels seem to go up Christmas Eve-New Years), and Prague December 24-26. I’ve heard Prague is magical in December, but I’m worried that things will be closed for the Christmas holiday. From the brief research I’ve done, it looks like everything will be closed on Christmas Eve, but most tourist attractions will be open on the 25th and 26th. Any advice? Should I plan to travel on the 24th and just relax and settle in?

August in Central. Europe- how busy?

First I have had most of my travel / train related questions answered (over and over) before I even asked the question about travel between Krakow-Budapest-Prague.

My main question in a general one. I will be traveling the last week of August and fist week of September (2009). Basically 3 countries I will pass through Poland, Hungary, and Chezc as I do a loop for two weeks.

Will there still be a lot of local vacation travel on the rails during the last week of Aug first week of Sept?

What is the best way to get around?

My itinerary is mostly Western Europe.
I have a lot of questions so please bear with me.

Shall I buy a Eurail pass for the whole 2 months?
I was thinking of booking a flight from Barcelona to Nice.
Should I also book a flight from Paris to Barcelona?
When do you think would be most appropriate to ride overnight trains?

Thx in advance guys!

Karlovy Lazne
Nightclub in Prague, Czech Republic

Have 2 weeks... where are the ladies?

Alright, here’s the deal: I finish up this study abroad June 14 in Ukraine. I have 6 days to check a place out before I bounce over to Italy to see some guys I was stationed with. I definitely want to sight see and all that trash, but, where are the girls that are looking to party, and wont hate me because I am an American? I don’t want a hooker, so please don’t say Amsterdam. We have plenty in America, they are called sorority girls. I want some European love! Anyone with the word, let me know…

Bruges to Prague, what's worth seeing?

I’m planning to travel by train or bus, not sure which (any suggestions?) from Calais to Bruges in early July and spend two days there where my friend will join me. We’ve then got three days to make our way across to Prague by rail. Are there any particular places and things worth seeing on the way? Has anyone done a similar trip? Also any suggestions on where to stay etc. would be really useful Smile