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Help With itinerary

Hey everyone!
New to the site, just decided to take my first backpacking trip to Europe! I have 3 weeks and will be going from June 4th-25th (+/- a few days). I will be arriving in Amsterdam and Leaving through Berlin as i have friends living in both of those places.

Best Clubs, Discos, Bars 2009

What are some can’t-miss, unique, clubs & bars in Europe?

I will be spending my time in Amsterdam, Belgium, Prague, Germany; but mostly in Italy and Spain. Any suggestions are welcome.

I am a 23-year old guy that enjoys different kinds of beer…having a good time and meeting new people if that helps any…

Help with Hostels and age

Hello All,
I am planning my eurotrip for may 2009 and i have run across a few problems.
-my friend who I was hoping to travel with bailed on me recently
-I will most likely still go alone
-I will be only 17 at the time turning 18 in august
-Will this be a problem checking into hostels? (Im going to amsterdam, berlin, prague, vienna, maybe bratislava, maybe krakow, and definitly budapest, if at all relevant)
-Another group I know reletively well offered me to join their group all 18 yrs old, would it be less problematic for me to join them or would I run into the same issues?

Rail from Budapest to Krakow, then on to Prague

Hi! I’m new to this board but just read an older thread about this basic question and was hoping to get some additional information. I’ll be traveling through Budapest, Krakow and Prague this summer (in that order) and am trying to get a feel for how expensive rail travel between the cities will end up being. This would be in late May 09. We would train out of Budapest on 5/27 (to Krakow) and then out of Krakow (to Prague) on 5/30. If anyone could shed some light on this for me, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for helping!

Take Off For Italy On Line (Video + Stills)

My film “Gondola With the Wind” can be seen on the web if you have a high speed internet connection. The movie begins in Italy with Rome, Pisa, Florence, and Venice. It then features Vienna (Austria), glorious Prague (Czech Republic), Poland (including Warsaw & Auschwitz), Ukraine, and Budapest (Hungary).

This is a free, non-commercial, streaming video on the Windows Media Player. No ads and no strings attached.

A Town Called Colin

I’m off to Prague for 3 days and feel that I must go to a town called Kolin (because that’s my name!)

Has anyone ever been to Kolin? Is there anything of interest there?

I know it is on its way Kutna Hora where the Church at Sedlec is woth visiting. What of Kutna Hora itself ? Is that worthy of a visit or would it be time better spent in Prague itself?

Train from Prague to Amsterdam?

hi there

I am travelling to prague next week and will be there for a week before I have to go to amsterdam. I have been searching the web and cannot seem to find any way to purchase a city to city train fare. I know that I cannot travel direct ( have to go through germany with at least one change) but cant find anywhere to book. The one place I found it was £200! any suggestions? Am I better to get a ticket from prague when i get there?

Thanks Smile

Private accommodation in Prague


Private holiday apartments for rent in Prague!
These fully equipped apartments are comfortable from 1 person up to 14 persons.
Apartments are located in Wenceslas Square (The REAL central location), in Old Town (Josefov) and Vysherad.

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rail tickets budapest>prague

hey guys,

quick question about purchasing rail tickets.

heading to europe end of sept beginning of oct, going to hit oktoberfest then travel around a bit. we bought rail tickets through (the super savers) from munich to budapest, no problem at all. However, the next leg of our trip is rail from budapest > prague, and we are trying to figure out if we should buy tickets here on raileurope (or equivalent), or wait until we are in budapest.