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Rail from Berlin to St Petersburg

Has anyone taken the direct train from Berlin to St Petersburg? I’m told there’s no restaurant on board, but I’m wondering if there’s any beverage service, or a vending machine, or even a way to get hot water. Thanks!

how far in advance do they post train schedules?

We are only going in March 2011. At the moment I am just looking up march 2010 for distances (to see how long it will take to get from A to B). How far in advance do they post new ones?

For example, approx when will they have the new schedule out for early 2011?

Lisbon to Prague Help!!!

Hello all!

I am currently planning a trip next year with 3 other friends and needed some advice to aid the planning
The trip is already published on my profile and would like to know:
1. Good day trips from city?
2. Good places to stay, and cheap?
3. Cheap places to have a bite to eat?
4. Any tips for travelling in these cities and in between?
5. And any Itinarary changes you would make to the plan?

Thanks alot for your help its greatly appreciated !!!!!

Please Help!Eurotrip@November via Rails?

Hi, I’m sorry if such thread was ever written before but I need your help.

We are a group of five 21yearolds and we want to make a trip to:


After we’ll take a bus to Amst.

night train from venice to Blausee in switzerland

Would any body be able to help me find out how I would get from Venice to Blausee by train?
I will be spending a day in venice after 4 nights in Rome and then off to switzerland but I cant afford to stay in Venice overnight so would like to get the train up to Switz and sleep on that overnight.

Thank you!

Euro Trip. Lots of places

Hey, I am currently a student in Umea, Sweden. I am planning trip for Europe early next year or in December. Its really flexible. Its just that i need to use a 30 day Eurail pass or Eurolines pass, because thats the cheapest afaik. Forgive me for saying that on a tourist savvy forum but i am really not interested in food, culture, natural scenaries for that matter. I am more of an academic who wants to study history, architecture, remnants, and values in general. Having said that, i also need to hop quickly from places to places because 1. I have only 30 days on my eurail pass 2.

just wanna go from zurich to rome and back

My husband and I wanna travel from zurich to rome by train on the 30th of november and then from rome back to zurich on the 4th of december. Am I that incapable or are all of the railway websites screwed?
Please help me out at least with the price range so that we have an idea.
Umm, by the way the only thing I found was Raileurope, but I think their trains are fairly old??
thanx in advance

Eurail vs. Rail Europe

I was wondering which one is faster & more efficiant.
I’m planning of flying to London, staying there for maybe 4 days & buying a seperate ticket from London to Paris. Around how much would this ticket cost and what company should I go with?

Eurail Question

For my trip I plan to utilize the “5 countries” pass for Eurail. I’ll be using Eurostar to go from London to Paris and then begin using Eurail to travel the Benelux out of Paris. When it gives me the option to select my first country, is that the first country I plan on going to (Benelux) or the first country I leave from (France [Paris])?

Also a second question: to travel from Vienna to Rome is it more economical to travel by air or train?

Thank you.

Need help!

Hi, everybpdy, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here.
So if you don’t know my story I’ll tell it again: my friends and I plan to go to Europe in a few years and want to get a head start on planning it. We plan to utilize the “Youth” discount for Eurail *and plan on staying in *hostels every night on this trip.

We added three new cities to this trip, and I’ll denote them as “NEW” in the following itinerary.