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Car vs. German Rail vs. Eurorail

I am new to traveling in Germany and Switzerland, and was wondering what you all would suggest is the most convenient and cheapest way to travel. I plan on visiting the flying into and out of Frankfurt. I am hoping to see the Ludwig castles, Swiss Alps, and Burg Eltz Castle. I only have less than a week 5 days to be exact and sadly not more. Is this too much or is it possible to see everything and not be running around like crazy? If it is possible what transportation would you suggest? Thanks for your help and input!

Overnight train costs (Budapest-Prague, Prague-Vienna-Florence)? Do you recommend them?

Hello everyone!

I’m Luis from México. I’m very happy because in mid-August I’ll be living a personal dream of mine of traveling Europe and living in Budapest for the next 5 months!

I am in the process of deciding which is the best way of traveling through the following cities I want to get to know in the first days in Europe: Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Florence, Bratislavia and Venice.

Does anyone of you guys know approximately how much does it cost the overnight train from Venice-Vienna, Florence-Venice, Budapest-Prague, Prague-Florence??

1st trip to europe

17 days to see 4 countries, 4 adults, need help in places to stay, cities to see, places to see, restuarants. budget $8,000.00 us for the 4 of usHow do we get around?

Making rail reservations

I just purchased a European East Pass through (for $344 CDN)
I was advised to buy first class by others who have travelled by train in Europe.
I have a few questions:
Is it necessary to buy a first class pass to reserve a first class seat on a train? (may be obvious but just trying to figure everything out)
I would like some advice regarding reservations.

Venice to Florence via pisa

Im planning a trip for next summer and want to travel from venice to florence but stop in pisa. from what ive heard pisa doesnt need a full day, what would anyone suggest as ample time to spend in pisa.
I also cant find any trains that go venice to pisa with out stopping in florence first. is this the only way to do it or is there a better more time conserving way to do it? thanks for your help!

Night trains within France

I’ll be studying abroad in Paris next fall and have been researching various weekend trips through SNCF. For my travels to the South, the option of traveling by night train has been showing up quite a bit. Now, most of these trips are 3-4 hours by TGV during the day, but by night train, they’re 7-9. On the plus side, I’d save the cost of a night at a hotel or hostel, but are these the same as normal night trains? I mean, it takes so much longer than a normal train, do these stop often? Would I even be able to sleep if we’re stopping every hour or so?

Russia to London

I want to travel from St. Petersburg or Moscow to London over the course of 7-10 days. I know there are direct trains that take you most of the way, but I would like to be able to stop in Poland, Germany, and France, or possibly go through Scandinavia and then through Germany and France. What would be the most cost effective way to do this? Should I get a Eruorail pass and then separate tickets out of Russia? Has anyone done this before and knows the best way? Thanks!

barcelona to madrid - by bus or train ?

Hi Folks need some more help

- How do you recommend we travel from Barcelona to Madrid ? Do we take a train ( purchase online or book once you are there ) or take a bus ?

Is the bus journey too long and tiring ? Are the trains too expensive ?

Would love if someone could also suggest some train reservation sites . I checked out AVS and turned out to be too expensive !

Thanks and Regards

how to travel from paris to antwerp and amsterdam ?

Wanted to understand whats the best way to travel if we want to travel from Paris to Antwerp and from there to Amsterdam ? Should we book rail tickets in advance or buy rail passes or buy tickets when we reach Paris ? Again the French train system is a bit confusing as there are so many options ! Considering that the journey is small ( max 2 hrs 15 min ) we are looking at the cheapest way of travelling …

Also wanted help with travel from Barcelona to Madrid ? Should we fly or take a train – again should we book in advance or book when we reach Barcelona ?

Portugal, Spain, Italy and then Croatia.

Ok Guys, I’ve got Portugal sorted out and I have the following itinerary leading up to Pamplona:

Porto – 3 days
Lisbon – 3 Days (or an extra day in Lisbon and reduce my time in Algarve to do a day trip to Sintra??)
Algarve Region – 4 days
Seville – 2 days
Granada – 2 days

Now should I:
A) Go to Alicante/Valencia for 2 days and go to Madrid for 3 days
B) Go to Madrid for a few days and thn to Valencia before moving up to Barcelona.