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about reservations..plz help

I was wondering as to what is the procedure of using the rail pass on a train that has optional reservation. what do i do once i reach the station? Do I straightaway hop onto the train or do I go to the tickets counter to get some sort of tickets( albeit free)?
Moreover, can i sit wherever I want to on such trains? Like the german ICE for example. And what if the seats are occupied? can i travel standing up?

EuRail Select Pass - 3 Country 5-Day - $125

I’ve done several search queries to find a thread on this topic, but I did not come across any that mentioned the sale Eurail is having starting May 12th, 2009, which is celebrating their 50th year since instating the Eurail pass.

loire valley from Paris suggestions

Folks , would like to have an idea of how to plan a visit to the Loire Valley from Paris ?
1) How does one get there ?
2)How many days according to you should be sufficient ?
3) What all can be done in Loire valley ? We are keen to see some vineyards and some castles , but would not like to overload this as well !
4) Would like to be budget concious here and hence would welcome any tips

Look forward to your views and advise !

help getting from Zagreb to Belgrade

Hey all,

I’m planning a trip to the Balkans in June and am having a difficult time figuring out the easiest way to get from Zagreb to Belgrade. Is the bus or the train preferable? Are there night trains/buses? Is there somewhere online I can find train or bus schedules between the two? Thanks for your help, looking forward to an awesome trip!

TGV Website Help

I have a general question about the TGV website. I am trying to book a couple of point-to-point tickets in France for the end of May. On the home page, it always asks me to click on my country of residence. As soon as I do that, it routes me to the raileurope website. I have read over and over that TGV is the best site to use for French trains, but it doesn’t even let me stay on the site! Are the prices the same on raileurope? And if so, why would people suggest Am I doing something wrong?

Age of Travelers

Four friends and I planning a eurotrip for this summer. We are all eighteen years old except one who’s birthday is during the trip. Will our age difference put us out of place or limit our experience? Are there many travelers our age?

Travelogue Entry in Ghent, Belgium

Transport around Europe

I have not really finalised any of my travel plans. Yep laziness is one of my virtues. However I know I am going to be traveling through Spain, Portugal, Across The riveria, to Italy, Throughout Italy, then Across to Crotia and perhaps Montenegro/serbia. Depends on a few things. And I’d be going from about mid june to mid august. Maybe a bit later than that. But I need to get back by the end of August.

However, I am just running around and wondering what way to get about. I see the eurorail pass is quite expensive, and may not be cheaper as I am under 26. How about interrail passes?

Suggestions for train through southern France

I need some advice on the following itinerary:
My trip starts on May 22 where I will be spending 3 days in Barcelona, 3 days in Madrid and 2 days in San Sebastian. From there, I will be traveling by rail to Cinque Terre. I have about two days to get there (and then will spend about 2 days there). The two days in between leaving San Sebastian and Cinque Terre are open to Southern France (don’t know where yet). I have read a lot of info on here and other sites, and I have some ideas about where I would like to stop.

Eurail Pass Necessary? - AMS, BER, PRG, PAR

Hey all,

Please help – this is my first ever Eurotrip! This summer, I plan to hit 5 cities in 4 countries in 14 days. Regarding transportation within Europe, here’s what I intend to do:
1) Fly out of London during afternoon to Amsterdam via easyjet.
2) Take overnight train from Amsterdam to Berlin
3) Early morning, take a day train from Berlin to Prague
4) During the evening, take overnight train from Prague to Paris.

What type of Eurail pass should I be purchasing for this journey? I am under 26 years old.