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Help with train travel in Spain, Italy and France

ok, so I will be arriving in Barcelona on May 22. This is my second time going to Europe, but the first time I used a rail pass. I have done some research and have decided that it will be cheaper to do point-to-point tickets for this trip. This is my itinerary:

Barcelona – 3 nights
Madrid- 3 nights
San Sebastian- 2 nights
Southern France (not sure where yet!)- 2 nights
Cinque Terre- 2 nights

I have researched the renfe website, and it looks like the trip from Barcelona to Madrid is 51 euro if I purchase from the website.

From Europe To Iran


I’m planing a trip from Berlin to Iran through Europe.

I am planing to travel for roughly a month and see as much of Europe as I can without rushing too much. I made a plan and I would appreciate it if you could assist me in the details as this will be my first trip around Europe. How is my budget and is the duration of my stay in each city is enough. I am in my 20’s and would like to enjoy the nightlife as well as good sites and interesting activities.

A link to my plan

Anyone used US credit card to book Norwegian Rail Minipris online?

I’ve seen old discussions about difficulty buying online tickets with some European rail systems using US credit cards on Lonely Planet. I had no trouble booking on the Swedish rail site. But the Norwegian site says “The creditcard information entered is not valid, or you have tried to use a credit card we do not accept.” for two credit cards.

I am going to try telephoning Norway on Monday, but wondered if anyone has gotten around this.

Budget travel to multi destinations by rail

I need help in planning a trip to Paris, Venice, Rome, Zurich starting from London. In my group there are four adults and four youths (under 25). Please suggest how to plan this trip in first week of July with a total days in hand 10 and ofcourse budget expense.
How can we book rail ticket for multiple destinations with a jouney break of 1 – 2 days in between two segments. How can we make best use of euro rail pass as not all in my group have British (Euro) citizenship which I beleive is necessay to buy euro rail pass. Any alternative!
Any advice shall be gratefully accepted.


First trip to France, Spain, Italy. Help wanted!


I’ve just booked flights for a three week (22 night) to Europe from Australia and I’d love some advice on where to go, stay, transport…etc. My boyfriend and I are after a good mix of culture, beach and possibly a wine tour in France or Italy for good measure!

The rough plan is:

4 days in Paris then explore beach/countryside. Maybe Nice as it will be hot?

3 days in Barcelona. We’d like to see San Sebastian or Madrid, but doubt we’ll have time on this trip.

2 days in Rome. We’d like to see Naples, and also the Amalfi Coast while in Italy.

Short trips from Hannover

Howdy, I am currently doing an internship in Germany, just south of Hannover. I will be finished June 30th, and my flight back to the US is not until August 8th. So, I have about a month of free time to travel around, hang out, etc. I have already seen most of Germany, and want to expand my travels.

Here’s the problem, after being here since January, my money is tight. In fact, after paying for a place to live, food, and other basics, I will only have about 500-700 euros for that month. I do want to travel to Paris, and maybe even Amsterdam, if I can afford it.

Train reservation for pass holders

What happens when we don’t reserve a seat on a train? I mean are we allowed to travel on just the eurail pass? Some trains have compulsory reservation, but what if I get on a train that doesn’t have compulsory reservation…but I find all seats to be occupied? If it’s a short journey, and if i’m in a hurry, can i travel standing up?Smile or do i have 2 get down and get a reservation on the next train?
I know it’s a silly doubt but I was really curious about dis.

Budapest to Krakow

We’ll be traveling this August and want to take a train from Budapest to Krakow. I see the timetable online (at least for now) has an overnight train. I can’t find the cost of this. Does anyone know? I also read in this forum that it might be better to buy a round trip and throw one way away — is that true in this case?

Another travel option is to go from Prague to Krakow — does anyone know the cost of this trip?

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

critique my itineraries

Hi all – I’ve posted two itineraries in the eurotrips section, and I’d love some critique/comments, but trips scroll down so fast there I’m not sure anyone even notices some of them. Both of these are dream itineraries, although I’m hoping I might be able to do one or the other during summer 2010. So far I’ve left the time spent in places blank, as some places will warrant a lot of time and others will just be stops along a day’s train ride. Comments on how long you think it’ll take to complete either itinerary are also appreciated.