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Eurail Pass and Croatian Railways Confusion

My friend and I bought a 5 day select Eurail pass. On April 8th, we are planning on leaving Venice Italy at 9:20PM and arrive in Zagreb at 4:18AM on the 9th. From Zagreb we want to get to Split, and we’re planning on catching another train from Zagreb to Split. The eurail map shows a definite connection from Zagreb to Split. But in timetables, there is nothing listed for Zagreb to Split. So I am assuming I am supposed to book this train ticket on the Croatian Railways website?

Travelling in Spain-France! Itinerary ok?

I am planning to travel to Spain and then on to France in late September, early October. Please look at this itinerary and let me know if i need to:

1. Change the sequence of cities to visit.
2. Skip any city
3. Extend or shorten my stay in any city.

I also seek ways to identify how to locate a hostel close to a railway station since we will be traveling on a flexi saver pass.

Thanks in advance for your help everyone!

Want to take a different route

I have family in Hungary that I visit at least once a year. I usually fly straight to Budapest from the U.S., but would like to try something different this year. I was thinking of flying into Germany (unsure which airport would suit my needs) and taking a train to Budapest.

Any suggestions on routes with lots of pretty scenery? Or, maybe not Germany as my landing point but another suggestion?

I don’t want to hassle with a lot of train ticket purchases, just maybe a Eurail pass to get me straight through.

Avoiding Hostel Hell.

Hi there!
Me and a friend have just returned from Amsterdam and stayed somewhere really terrible!
We had a drink in another hostel St Christopher at the Winston and had a look at the rooms which were amazing.

itinerary ideas for interrailing novice

Hey, I’m planning a month-long interrailing trip round Europe with my friend in June.

First Euro Trip


Okay. We made a bit of changes to our plans!

London (Where we will land) -3 Days
Frankfrut/Munich -family friend here too.. free stay -2 days
Zurich -2 days
Venice -3 days
Florence -4 Dyas
Rome -4 Days
Barcelona -4 Days
Paris -3 days


Another friend and I (both girls) are planning to travel around europe for 21-23 days (depends). Here is the list of places we want to go for sure!

1. London (Where we will land) -3
2. Belgium (Brussels) -family friend there.. can crash there for free -2
3. Frankfrut -family friend here too.. free stay -4
4. Milano -2

Krakow to Bratislava by (night) train??

Hi there
I want to go from Krakow to Bratislava by train and was wondering if anyone knows whether this is possible and whether there is an over-night service?
Much appreciate any help with this.

Rail from Budapest to Krakow, then on to Prague

Hi! I’m new to this board but just read an older thread about this basic question and was hoping to get some additional information. I’ll be traveling through Budapest, Krakow and Prague this summer (in that order) and am trying to get a feel for how expensive rail travel between the cities will end up being. This would be in late May 09. We would train out of Budapest on 5/27 (to Krakow) and then out of Krakow (to Prague) on 5/30. If anyone could shed some light on this for me, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for helping!

Any Advice on hostals, transportation, places must see?

Hello everyone..

I will be traveling to erope this summer (09) and would appreciate any advice…my initial plan without much logic put into it is: LA —- london, france, belgium, netherlands, denmark, sweden, germany, austria, macedonia, greece, cyprus, egypt, italy, switzerland, spain, morocco, czech republic…any thoughts on hostals, how on earth the train system works, (not having luck getting the correct info) and places i must see, (and some not to)….
Thank you!!!

Help planning my first trip to europe

Hello everyone,
I am in the early stages of planning my trip to Europe. This is my first trip to Europe, so I want to get as much in as possible, but I also want it to go over with some ease. I’m lucky, I’m traveling with my girlfriend, who speaks French, so some of the inconviences of my first trip will be moot.

Anyway, so the 2 trip options Im planning are for a 14 day span max:

1. London -> Paris (Normandy) -> French Riveria -> Rome

2. London -> Paris (Normandy) – French Riveria -> Barcelona


A. For trip 1, is this a possible trip for the 14 day span?